RED Extended Warranty – Optional 2-year Premium Warranty Extension

RED Extended Warranty - Optional 2-year Premium Warranty Extension

Not only if you own a RED camera or plan on purchasing one – like the upcoming RED Komodo – you probably know how crucial it is to protect and ensure your investment. Like the AppleCare program from Apple, RED has launched its own RED Extended Warranty that extends your warranty coverage period but also provides benefits such as priority repair, expedited shipping, and premium technical support from RED. Let’s take a closer look at it!


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RED Extended Warranty

RED has just launched the RED Extended Warranty to protect your investment further. This new program is different than the (previous) RED Armor because it is connected to the camera brain. Indeed, you can transfer the RED Extended Warranty if you decide to sell your camera body in the future. Also, the RED Extended Warranty can be purchased at any point within your camera brain’s standard warranty period.

The RED Extended Warranty is an optional 2-year warranty extension plan for a camera brain. The total warranty for a camera brain is extended to 4 years in total. Also, it gives you access to priority repair, expedited shipping, and premium technical support directly from RED. Below is a list of the cameras currently eligible, with prices.


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As you can see, the RED Extended Warranty is not a cheap investment, so is the camera brain. In the end, if you invest over $20K in a camera body, you will have to add less than 10% to double your warranty. If you compare it to Apple’s AppleCare+ program, for example, pricing is similar.

What Is Not Covered

With every warranty program, some things are not covered. According to RED, here is a list of the warranty limitations:

  • Maintenance, repair or replacement necessitated by loss or damage resulting from any cause other than normal use and operation of the product in accordance with the RED’s specifications and owner’s manual, including but not limited to: theft, exposure to weather conditions, operator negligence, misuse, abuse, improper electrical/power supply.
  • Alterations, modifications, or repairs by Buyer or unauthorized third parties.
  • Accident, disaster, improper handling or storage, droppage, modification to the camera, opening the camera body, use of non-RED cables, use third party accessories or acts of nature, or any other peril originating from outside the product.
  • Transportation damage, lack of maintenance, defective batteries, battery leakage.
  • Cosmetic damage or other non-operating parts
  • Using a RED product in a manner other than intended usage for that product
  • Charges related to “No problem found” diagnosis. Removal or modification of camera lens mount voids any and all warranties except when the lens mount is replaced by the Buyer with a RED approved lens mount. Breaking the seal on the camera body or removing the adjustable backfocus assembly is prohibited and voids any and all warranties unless otherwise approved by RED.

Most of these warranty limitations are common-sense and similar to many other warranty programs. Nevertheless, it always makes sense to compare to other insurance options for your gear as price differences can be huge – plus, they are often highly different depending on the country you reside in.

If you want to find out more about the RED Extended Warranty, you can do so by clicking here.

What do you think of the RED Extended Warranty? Did you already have bad experiences with your RED camera? Let us know in the comments below!

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