RED V-RAPTOR Beta 1.3.1 Firmware – Adds ELQ Setting for REDCODE RAW

RED V-RAPTOR Beta 1.3.1 Firmware – Adds ELQ Setting for REDCODE RAW

RED has recently rolled out the Beta 1.3 firmware update for their 8K VV flagship camera, the V-RAPTOR. It adds ELQ quality setting for REDCODE RAW, introduces support for large-capacity CFexpress cards, and brings several bug fixes and overall stability improvements. It is now available to download for free from RED’s website.

The RED V-RAPTOR has been out in the wild since September 2021. Although the company had to fix a few issues along the way, such as the sensor stitching and the RF locking ring problems, the camera is slowly getting better via a series of firmware updates.

Towards the end of last year, the V-RAPTOR gained Time-lapse mode and support for ProRes recording via Beta 1.2.0 firmware update (officially released in February as firmware version 1.2.5) and now the camera is getting another major upgrade with Beta 1.3.1. Let’s take a closer look.

Image credit: RED

Beta 1.3.1 Firmware for RED V-RAPTOR: ELQ for .R3D files

There are quite a few reasons why V-RAPTOR users should be excited about the release of the Beta Build 1.3.1, starting from the addition of the new ELQ quality setting for REDCODE RAW. Up to this day, users could only choose between HQ, MQ, and LQ. Now, this new option offers higher compression, which can come in handy when shooting long takes or for low-budget productions where supreme image quality is not a priority. Also, Phil Holland has already added the new ELQ setting to his useful frameToDataRate tool.

Image credit: RED

Moreover, the new update introduces official support for a few large-capacity CFexpress card models. These include RED’s own RED PRO 1.3TB and 4TB cards, Angelbird’s AV PRO MK 2 660GB/1320GB/2TB/4TB cards, as well as ProGrade Digital 325GB and 650GB Cobalt cards.

Image credit: Angelbird

Finally, another major improvement involves the sensor calibration procedure. Indeed, according to the firmware release notes, “User” calibration now only requires about 30 seconds to complete, rather than several minutes.

Full list of improvements

Along with these new features, Beta Build 1.3.1 brings other bug fixes and general stability improvements. Here’s the full list.


  • DSMC3 Monitor through-camera firmware update support (Requires SmallHD OS5 or later)
  • Discrete monitor LUT support
  • RED CONNECT (BETA) – Full Resolution Live R3D Streaming
  • Timecode persists across boots
  • Basic, Standard and Technical overlay mode
  • Tint to SD Advanced Overlay
  • Overlay Opacity control
  • Low Voltage Warning control
  • Voltage display for non-communicating batteries
  • QR code support for Wi-Fi passwords
  • RCP2 external lens data support
  • ‘Auto’ to Top LCD Resolution menu
  • AF Improvements


  • Custom preset disappearing when assigned to user page
  • Unintended F lens motor movement in manual mode
  • Sigma Cine lens communication issue
  • Incorrectly displayed minimum lens F stop
  • Static IP connect on startup
  • Incorrect scrolling text
  • Issue with Sensor Flip calibration
  • Horizontal tear in 4K 8:1 at HFR
  • Horizontal tear in Flip/Mirror mode
  • ‘Low speed’ message with SanDisk CFx card
  • Refresh of LUT menu after import or delete

Price and availability

The new Beta Build 1.3.1 for RED V-RAPTOR is now available to download free of charge from the manufacturer’s website. The camera is available for purchase from B&H and CVP for $24,500.

What excites you most about this update? Are you going to install the new Beta 1.3 firmware on your V-RAPTOR any time soon? Share your experience in the comment section below!


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