SIGMA fp Firmware 3.0 Announced – Support for EVF-11 and More

SIGMA fp Firmware 3.0 Announced – Support for EVF-11 and More

SIGMA has announced a new firmware version for its full-frame fp camera (without the L). The upcoming version 3.0 adds support for the EVF-11 external viewfinder as well as new color modes and a few more features trickling down from the “big brother” fp L.

The new firmware 3.0 for the video/still hybrid SIGMA fp is scheduled for June 3rd. The main feature will be the compatibility of the new EVF-11 electronic viewfinder attachment with the SIGMA fp. The EVF-11 will also receive a firmware update on June 3rd for that purpose.

the SIGMA fp next to the fp L.
SIGMA fp L next to SIGMA fp front. Image credit: CineD

If you haven’t already, make sure to check out Johnnies review of the original SIGMA fp as well as the new SIGMA fp L camera (Review here, Lab Test here).

SIGMA fp firmware 3.0

Along with the upcoming compability with the EVF-11 attachment, the fp will receive various features the latest camera, the fp L, already has: new color modes (Powder Blue and Duotone), tha ability of saving and loading settings via QR code.

Here’s a list of all the features of the upcoming v3.0 firmware:

  • compatibility with the SIGMA ELECTRONIC VIEWFINDER EVF-11.
  • new color modes “Powder Blue” and “Duotone”.
  • save and load camera settings using QR codes.
  • “Quick Focus Frame Shift” function.
  • increase of functions that can be assigned to Custom Buttons.
  • enhancement of the “Flicker Control” function.
  • improvement of AF operation to achieve better stability.
  • improvement of image quality of JPEG files.
  • added “Custom Frame” option to Frame Guide.

If everything goes well, the firmware will be available for download on June 3rd. According to SIGMA, the development of this firmware is at its final stage as we speak.

SIGMA fp firmware
a fully rigged SIGMA fp. Image credit: SIGMA

I think it’s nice that the company keeps both models, the fp and the fp L, available for purchase. This way you can decide which model suits you better, and this version 3.0 of the firmware closes the gap between the two models a bit in terms of features. Of course, the (very) different pixel count of the two models remains the main difference. The fp has 24.6 MP, while the fp L offers an impressive 61 MP sensor.

Firmware download link and full enhancement link: SIGMA

What do you think? Are you an SIGMA fp shooter? Share your experiences with this tiny, yet powerful camera in the comments below!


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