SmallHD Releases Firmware Update V2.1

November 24th, 2011 Jump to Comment Section

SmallHD recently annoucned the release of their latest Firmware Update for the DP6:  V21.  Upgrades and fixes include a new and improved Focus Assist, as well as the option to save Guides to your presets and an improved image calibration as well.

Complete list of v2.1’s features:

Focus Assist + has been added to replace Focus Assist. (Menu>Advanced>Focus Assist +)

While the old Focus Assist worked well to achieve critical focus, it darkened the image beyond comfortable viewing levels.  The new “Focus Assist+” enhances the in-focus areas even more while retaining the image much more than the original Focus Assist.  This is an excellent new tool to help you achieve accurate focus quickly and efficiently.

Guides can now be saved to Presets. (Menu>Guides)
You can go to any of the adjustable presets and set guides that will save to the monitor’s memory.

Guides can now be saved when powering off the monitor. (Menu>Guides)

Image Calibration Controls now have greater adjustment capabilities. (Menu>Image>)
You will see a more noticeable effect when adjusting these features.

Bug fixes:

Custom Scale Settings are no longer affected by using 1:1 Mapping.

The default Brightness setting on the Composite Input has been adjusted to increase overall  accuracy.

To download and install Firmware Update V2.1 use the following links:

Update Instructions

DP6 Firmware v2.1


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