SmallRigs Accessories for DJI Ronin-M – Quick Release Plate and Universal Adaptors

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SmallRigs Accessories for DJI Ronin-M - Quick Release Plate and Universal Adaptors

SmallRig has released a host of third party accessories for the DJI Ronin-M. The Chinese manufacturer, which specializes in making camera rig components, has designed a quick release tripod plate for the DJI Ronin plate—as well as universal mounts for the Ronin-M.

DJI Ronin range

DJI Ronin-M Dovetail Mount

DJI Ronin dovetailSwitching between a gimbal and tripod or other grip devices can be a bit of a pain. It takes time; switching plates, re-balancing the gimbal, re-wiring monitors. If I’m shooting and there’ll be a requirement to switch between the two, I’d usually double up on camera setups. However, on many occasions, there’s neither the opportunity nor the budget to do so.

One solution you can opt for is to adapt your gimbal to the same tripod plate as all your other accessories. This saves time switching plates on-set (something I never like doing). However, adding weight and height to your gimbal setup can have its disadvantages, too.

The SmallRig Ronin-M Dovetail Mount does the reverse. It’s a quick release adaptor plate for the DJI Ronin mounting plate that allows you to attach the tripod plate of your choice underneath.

Here’s a functional video of the SmallRig Ronin-M Dovetail Mount in action.

With this, you can remove your camera from your Ronin and straight onto your tripod/alternate accessory without switching plates or adding weight via another adaptor plate to your gimbal—lovely!

The SmallRig Ronin-M Dovetail Mount is listed as compatible with the Ronin-M, but previous ownership of a DJI gimbal leads me to think that this will work on the full-size Ronin also. If the plates are the same on both gimbals then this will indeed hold true. DJI elitists, please feel free to chime in!

DJI Ronin-M Quick Plate Mount (mini)

SMALLRIG-DJI Ronin-M-Quick-Plate-Mount(mini)_2Also available from SmallRigs is the  DJI Ronin-M Quick Plate Mount (mini). This bypasses the cross bar and top handle of the Ronin-M and gives you a couple of 1/4 20″ threads to attach to your tripod plate/jib etc.

I’ve seen similar from other manufacturers, but this is a nice cost-effective version. In conjunction with other accessories like a jib, gimbals can be very useful in doubling up as a remote controlled head.

SmallRig  DJI Ronin-M Handheld to Tripod Adapter

SMALLRIG-DJI-Ronin-M-Handheld-to-Tripod-AdapterIf you still want use of the crossbar and/or want more threaded options for mounting then check out the SmallRig DJI Ronin-M Handheld to Tripod Adapter.

Rather than bypassing the cross bar altogether, the SmallRig  DJI Ronin-M Handheld to Tripod Adapter acts as a replacement part to the original DJI collar, removing the top handle and replacing it with a cheese plate array of 1/4″ and 3/8″ threads.

Retaining the use of the crossbar can be handy if you want to go from a standard gimbal configuration to your tripod/jib/other device quickly; if you’re clever you may even be able to do it mid-take.

If you haven’t already, it’s worth checking out what SmallRig have to offer. Their list of products is getting quite specific, which is great; you can see they’re making a conscious effort to spot missing items between camera companies & other third party accessories, rather than just churning out random 15mm rod and 1/4″ thread support items.

They’re very affordable—I guess that with them being a China-based company that is to be expected. The build quality may well reflect this; I haven’t purchased anything substantial to comment truly on the build quality, though. However, the odd little accessory item I’ve bought so far has been met my expectations.


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