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Important note
This review is a documented opinion of three professional cameramen, about DSLR gear tested over the course of a month. We had no relations to any of the companies that would affect this review. It is unbiased, and all products were tested equally.
Upon request of Redrock, our opinion and findings about their gear has been removed. Please refer to the Redrock pages of the review for further details.


Index and Editorial
First Contact

Part 1: The Tripod Setup

Arri 1/4
Arri 2/4
Arri 3/4
Arri: Verdict

Chrosziel 1/4
Chrosziel 2/4
Chrosziel 3/4
Chrosziel: Verdict

Cinevate 1/5
Cinevate 2/5
Cinevate 3/5
Cinevate 4/5
Cinevate: Verdict

D|Focus 1/2
D|Focus 2/2

Genus 1/3
Genus 2/3
Genus: Verdict

Redrock 1/4
Redrock 2/4
Redrock 3/4
Redrock: Verdict

Vocas 1/5
Vocas 2/5
Vocas 3/5
Vocas 4/5
Vocas: Verdict


Part 2 – Introduction

Chrosziel Handheld 1/3
Chrosziel Handheld 2/3
Chrosziel Handheld: Verdict

Cinevate Handheld 1/3
CinevateHandheld 2/3
Cinevate Handheld: Verdict

DvTec 1/6
DvTec 2/6
DvTec 3/6
DvTec 4/6
DvTec 5/6
DvTec: Verdict

Half Inch Rails 1/4
Half Inch Rails 2/4
Half Inch Rails 3/4
Half Inch Rails: Verdict

Magic Spider

Redrock Handheld 1/3
Redrock Handheld 2/3
Redrock Handheld: Verdict

Vocas Handheld 1/5
Vocas Handheld 2/5
Vocas Handheld 3/5
Vocas Handheld 4/5
Vocas Handheld: Verdict

Table of Ratings

Final Words


Sebastian Wöber here, the creator of Cinema5D. I’m a cinematographer based in Austria and I brought this site to life a year ago. At Cinema5D, we are all about shooting video on a DSLR camera. We strive to support everyone who shares that vision.

Gear is such an important part in shooting good movies and there is so much crap on the market by now. I really felt the necessity, and responsibility of my position to review as much as possible. It took three months to get here and unfortunately, I didn’t get to review all of it but I hope I can help you and the whole DSLR community to move in the right direction.

I had Jared Abrams our cinema5D news guy to edit this text. I want to note that English is not my native tongue. So please forgive any odd language you come across and I hope you understand and enjoy this review.





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