The Future of cinema5D

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Future of cinema5D
Hi dear cinema5D community,
Aside from the changes that evolve from video cameras coming out with large sensors as I explain here, cinema5D itself is also on a turning point in a positive way:

During NAB 2011 (last week) a lot has changed for us:
Jared Abrams, who was employed on cinema5D to write the news for over a year has been released by me last monday (Thanks again from my part at this point for all he has done for cinema5D and the community). That was the day NAB 2011 started.
I’ve had to shift a lot of my resources and power to temporarily take over the news writing myself and decided to cover the NAB as a one man crew (instead of 4 as planned).
cinema5D has suffered from a lack of quality, moderation (big thanks to all mods at this point, if anybodys’ it’s my fault work has been too much for only a few) and I haven’t been able to listen to the members as much as I would have wanted to, and it’s all my fault. The reason is that it was simply too much to handle for one person, on not enough budget, and as a “side job” next to my professional work as a filmmaker and double-degree at the Vienna filmacademy (I’m studying with Haneke and Berger so I have to take this seriously as well. They are important filmmakers where I come from).

I WANT to make this place really great for all of us. I’ve managed to be able to dedicate more time to this site now and during NAB I have met a lot of people who I couldn’t find anywhere else before to collaborate with. I’ve realized that getting connected and to go out and meet people is extremely important in this blogging, forum, twitter (I still don’t know how that thing works guys, maybe someone can explain) “business”, and I wasn’t aware the people I was looking for (in Austria) were there at the trade shows.

The next steps for cinema5D are:

– finding news people (if you feel you wanna blog for cinema5D please contact me here: [email protected] –> Only highly motivated people accepted.)
– user feedback program (you will be able to rate each other with “+” and “-“, directly next to a post. This way we can see which people contribute better or worse to this forum. Easier to filter good info and find good people on here.)
– All camera sections will be merged. (The way this will work is: You will have to decide which camera model you’re writing about upon creating a new topic. When reading you can “filter” which camera model’s topcis you would like to see. This should avoid all the confusion about the many camera models (with a growing number) coming out and allow for easier navigation and reading.)

Cheers to all of you out there,
rebels on a low budget, indie, inspired, motivated people
Let’s keep on rocking the filmmakers world,

Your admin,
Sebastian Wöber

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