Tilta Camera Rig for Sony a7S III Announced

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Tilta Camera Rig for Sony a7S III Announced

Tilta Camera Rig for the Sony a7S III has been announced. Both the minimalistic half cage or the full cage come in either tactical gray or black color. The rig protects the camera while adding various mounting points, threads, ARRI rosette, and cold shoes to accommodate Tilta’s handles and other accessories.

After five years of waiting, Sony finally announced the a7S III full-frame mirrorless camera at the end of July 2020. Make sure to watch our Sony a7S III review if you haven’t already. The first cameras started shipping around the world recently.

Mini Documentary shot with the Sony a7S III – Source: CineD

Some third-party manufacturers already announced their accessories for the Sony a7S III – one of the first ones was Smallrig with its a7S III camera cage. Recently, Tilta also joined the pack with its Tiltaing Sony a7S III camera rig. Let’s take a short look at its features and specs.

Tilta Camera Rig for Sony a7S III

Tilta launched this cage under its Tiltaing brand. As every camera cage, its purpose is to protect the camera body and enhance the ergonomy while adding numerous mounting points like 1/4″ threads, cold shoes, etc. Tilta designed both half cage and full cage and there are two colors available – tactical gray or black.

Tiltaing a7S III camera rig – colors. Source: Tilta

The half cage weighs 3.3oz (95g) and it is designed in a very minimalistic way to not increase the overall bulk of the camera much. It offers multiple 1/4″ mounting threads – some of those also have the locating pins on the sides. There is also one cold shoe on the top side.

Tiltaing a7S III camera rig – half cage. Source: Tilta

The full cage weighs 9.2oz (260g) and it is significantly larger than the half cage. It features, of course, more mounting points. There are two ARRI rosettes that can be used to mount Tilta’s rotating top handle. The cage also features a NATO rail and cold shoe on top.

Tiltaing a7S III camera rig – full cage. Source: Tilta

Tilta Handles

Tilta’s handles are not entirely new. The company has been offering them for a while with other rigs as well. On top of standard handles, Tilta’s rotating handle can act as a top handle or side handle (top handle in vertical shooting mode) and its position can be changed with a simple press of a button.

Tiltaing a7S III camera rig – handles. Source: Tilta

In addition to the rotating handle, Tilta also offers the adjustable side handle with power and record control. This handle can also be rotated 360 degrees. Tilta also offers protectors for the HDMI and USB-C connections.

Tiltaing a7S III camera rig – cable protectors. Source: Tilta

Price and Availability

Tilta set the price in a very friendly segment in my opinion. The half cage will start at $39 and the full cage will start at $79. Of course, the price will go up as users will add handles and other accessories.

There is no word about availability yet. I really do hope Tilta will deliver its a7S III camera rigs very soon as the camera already started shipping and many users want to protect their new precious cameras right from the beginning.

Did you pre-order the Sony a7S III or did you even already get yours? Are you planning to get a cage for the camera? How do you like the Tilta a7S III camera rig? Let us know in the comments section below the article.


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