Uppbeat AI Playlist Generator Launched – Find Perfect Tracks through Text Descriptions

Uppbeat AI Playlist Generator Launched – Find Perfect Tracks through Text Descriptions

The British free music platform Uppbeat has just launched their new AI Playlist Generator. Powered by ChatGPT, it allows creators to find a track for their video using simple text descriptions of a particular scene, sound reference, or vibe. Moreover, all the music gathered in the generated playlist is copyright-free, straight out of the extensive Uppbeat catalog. Eager to find out how it works? Let’s dive in together.

Nowadays, the large language model ChatGPT is everywhere. We explained, for example, how to use this neural network to assist your creative writing. But of course, its capabilities go above and beyond, so it’s no wonder that artificial intelligence is finding new ways into the filmmaking industry.  

However, the creation of music with deep-learning software is a challenging task, and also a gray area. So, Uppbeat decided to use state-of-the-art technology for another purpose and has become the first to the market with their new AI-driven feature, which ought to empower creators instead of replacing them.

Generative AI music is rife with copyright and overall quality issues. Our catalog is full of incredible artists and AI doesn’t come close. But, we asked ourselves, “What if we can use AI to help creators pinpoint the perfect copyright-free music for their content?”

Lewis Foster, CEO, Uppbeat

AI Playlist Generator as a helping hand for content creators

So, what is this innovation really about? If you’ve ever spent hours looking for one specific music track for your video, you know the hustle. Sometimes, it’s both painful and frustrating. In such cases, AI Playlist Generator can come to the rescue. Using artificial intelligence, it enables content creators to enter simple text descriptions – so-called prompts – in a search field and get the best suitable music for their project within mere seconds. Besides, the created playlist will consist exclusively of copyright-free REAL music from Uppbeat’s library so that you can include it in your video without worries (and with no YouTube ban, for sure).

AI Playlist Generator - the interface
The field for your text prompt in the AI Playlist Generator. Image source: Uppbeat

As the tool uses ChatGPT’s quick-learning brain, it understands both complex descriptions and abstract concepts, translating them into music recommendations. The playlist put the results in order, offering the most suitable tracks first (or rather what it thinks to be the most suitable).

How to use the AI Playlist Generator

There are 4 different ways to use the new AI feature:

  • Describe your video or a scene. For example, “an athlete trains for a marathon in the woods, early morning session”.
  • Type in what your desired music should sound like. Creative prompts like “Jay Z meets Guns N’ Roses” or “If Godzilla made music” are good samples to try out.
  • Tell ChatGPT about yourself and your personality.
  • Use anything else as your text input. And don’t worry, you can be as elaborate and creative as you want – there are no rules or restrictions to your fantasy.
AI Playlist Generator - what text prompts you can feed it
Some ideas for your text descriptions. Image source: Uppbeat

After you’ve provided the deep-learning model with your text description, click “generate” and wait while the system searches through the Uppbeat catalog. Usually, it doesn’t need much time, so, shortly after, the AI will come up with a playlist containing different songs which it thinks fit well with your input.

AI Playlist Generator - the created playlist example
An example of what the created playlist will look like. Image source: Uppbeat

If you don’t like some of the results, you can always go back and modify the search. Just add other keywords that you find significant (“more chill”, “less dramatic”, etc.), or start anew.

Current limitations

Of course, the results you get with the AI Playlist Generator are limited to existing music from the Uppbeat catalog. So, don’t expect it to come up with completely new songs or work from composers who are not featured in the database.

Also, the tool cannot process requests for specific track lengths or structures. At least, for now.

Last, but not least: the developers warn you that ChatGPT may sometimes produce inconsistent or inaccurate results. So, it could be that the recommended music doesn’t sound at all like what you asked for. Just try again and don’t be too exact about it. Ultimately, AI is still learning and evolving, and it will only get better in the future.


AI Playlist Generator is now open to the public. You can head over to Uppbeat and try it out for free. The platform offers different pricing plans, including a zero-cost plan for individual creators.

What do you think about this AI feature? Would you use it in your workflow? Can you imagine how much time it can save you on a daily basis? Let’s talk artificial intelligence in the comments below!

Feature image source: Uppbeat.

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