Uppbeat Launched – Free Music for YouTubers and Content Creators

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Uppbeat, a free music platform for YouTubers and content creators, has launched today. Aiming to capture the attention of those who are in need for quality free music, this new service from the creators of Music Vine, looks extremely interesting. Let’s take a closer look.

If you are one of the many content creators out there, you know how it is to always be in the search for a reliable, modestly priced music platform, one that gives you a sufficient amount of music tracks to choose from.

Music Licensing Platforms – Current Offerings

The number of music licensing platforms grew enormously during the last few years, especially because everybody (and their mothers) started to create and upload content to YouTube and other social media channels. Some music businesses were very fast to identify the trend and broke the traditional “payment per track” business model by introducing a completely new initiative that relied on a single, monthly or yearly music subscription, regardless to the amount of music consumed. One of those leading platforms for music for video and film is Music Vine – and now they are coming up with something a bit different. An initiative that can be interesting for the many creators out there.

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Uppbeat – Free Music for Your Online Productions

Let’s face it. The creative community is booming – YouTube, TikTok and other social media platforms – everyone is sharing some sort of video content these days. However, some common issue stays the same. Where to find quality music to accompany the videos and more so, how not to have copyright claims (which of course can lead to a loss of ad revenue). Up until now, the choice has been to either have one of the paid music license subscriptions or, use YouTube’s Audio Library. Now, with the launch of Uppbeat, YouTubers and content creators can enjoy a free music platform, built from the ground up for the creator community. With a diverse catalog and curated playlists, many types of music content can be found rather easily.

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Uppbeat – Business Model

The platform is launching today with over 1000 registered tracks from indie artists, producers and composers from around the world with the aim to grow quickly.

Free Subscription:

With access to 50% of the entire catalog (1000 tracks), Uppbeat’s free users can download ten full-length tracks per month. Those tracks can be freely used in YouTube videos without risking copyright claims (an “Uppbeat credit”, text mention must be included in the YouTube video description in order to clear copyrights).

Premium account:

For $6.99 USD a month (or $66.99 yearly), the Premium account will provide unlimited and unrestricted access to Uppbeat’s catalog (more than 1000 tracks), as well as the ability to whitelist YouTube channels and preempt any future copyright claims.

Image credit: Uppbeat


This concept sound extremely interesting to me and I encourage you guys to browse around and share with us if indeed this new platform represents the “next generation” of music for video and film productions (Joystock is offering a similar concept but at a much smaller scale).

Please make sure to understand how the concept works and enjoy making the most out of it.

Last but not least: Whenever we hear about a music for video service, we get concerned about how the producers and creators of those music tracks are being treated financially, especially if it can be consumed for free. In the interview above with Lewis Foster, CEO at Uppbeat, I asked this exactly and here is what he had to say:

Beyond providing a great experience for our users, supporting our artists and music producers is immensely important to us. They’re the beating heart of our platform, so we’ve devised an ethical business model that allows us to remunerate them from a number of revenue streams. It means our artists are always paid fairly for their music, regardless of whether it’s been downloaded by someone with a free account or Uppbeat Premium.

We’ve created a fairer, more usable service that offers better value than other music platforms. We’re now ​intent on establishing ourselves as the world’s go-to resource for YouTubers and creators that are seeking quality music for their content.

For more information, please head to Uppbeat by clicking here.

What do you think about such a music service for video and film? Can a free music licensing platform be interesting for you to explore, and would you consider the Premium model too, in order to support that kind of initiative? Please share with us your thoughts in the comment section below.


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