Videolog Pick: "You like this"

May 27th, 2011

This time I’ve got a sports pick for you.

You like this is a mountain biking film by Taylor Loughran that was shot on 7D, 5D, T2i, Red One and a cineflex camera (see below).

The thing that stands out in this sports movie is it’s cinematic approach with lots of very beautiful helicopter shots and the fact that mountainbiking is taken very literally: In fact, during the course of this movie we follow several people who really start out at the very top of different large mountains and then work their way down at full speed.

The action and camera angles might be a bit repetitive after a while, but the watching the fast mountainbiking and landscape heli shots was really intriguing for me.
I hope you like it too, it’s definitely one of these pieces that stand out and can give us new inspiration and ideas for our own next projects.

Here’s the full 24 minute video that Taylor made available on vimeo for free. Enjoy

Taylor Loughran:

From October to late April we battled every kind of weather you can imagine from rain to snow to hail and the Canon 7D took every bit of abuse I could throw at it from using it in cable cams, jib arms to having it exposed to the elements it never let me down during 8 months we where shooting ‘You Like This’

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Full 24 minute film


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