YC Onion Pineta Peak Tripod – Updated and Available with Discounts

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A year ago, we were introduced to the initial prototype of the YC Onion Pineta Peak Tripod. The tripod features exceptional low-angle capabilities, the FEISO Release system, and their 75mm COCONUT bowl head, and is designed for both videographers and photographers. During IBC 2023, we had the opportunity to catch up with Sandy Yanshan Chen at the YC Onion booth for an update and to witness the evolution of the tripod, now in its third iteration.

YC Onion is on version three of their Pineta Peak tripod and has made significant improvements to the first version we saw last year. The most outstanding feature of this tripod, according to Sandy, is that both models feature the company’s patented FEISO release system. Notably, the lever has been improved compared to the previous version.

The lever has been improved for better tension when raising and lowering the legs. Image credit: CineD

FEISO Release System – lock/unlock leg sections simultaneously

You now have more control in adjusting the tension while extending the tripod’s legs. Plus, the tripod utilizes a single lever to lock/unlock all leg sections simultaneously, a time-saving height adjustment system that proves invaluable on set. This one-step height adjustment speeds up and simplifies workflow for the operator.

The YC Onion Pineta Peak tripod’s sturdy Central Shaft. Image: CineD

Central Shaft, bowl head, or both?

There are two ways to use the tripod: one is with an extendable Central Shaft for increased height and another is with a bowl head, methods that cater to the needs of both videographers and photographers. Notably, the quick-release Central Shaft is a new addition to this version, allowing you to very quickly convert from a photo tripod to a video tripod. The maximum payload of the bowl is 35kg, and the Central Shaft is a maximum of 8kg.

The YC Onion Pineta Peak tripod sporting a Sachtler bowl head. Image: CineD

The bowl base and head

The bowl base features a 1/4″-20 and 3/8″-16 mounting point, a bubble level, two set screws for firmly securing a fluid head on top of it, and a quick-release lever for the head. YC Onion’s COCONUT bowl head is equipped with a top-locking mechanism and offers precise adjustment for smooth movement. In addition, the majority of bowl heads on the market can also be used, including the Sachtler aktiv6, aktiv8, and aktiv8T.

The locking button for transport. Image: CineD

YC Onion Pineta Peak – the legs

The legs have three angle settings with a semi-automatic lock ranging from 22°, 52°, and 82°. You have the option to invert the Central Shaft, allowing you to mount the camera upside down. At the top of each leg, you’ll find a lock button. Note that the legs can only be locked with this button when they are in a vertical position, which is particularly useful when transporting the tripod. You can confidently carry the Pineta Peak tripod using just one of its legs, and it will remain securely closed. The tripod also comes with three interchangeable feet: rubber, spiked, and universal.

How low can we go? All the way down to 16cm. Image: CineD

How low can we go?

The tripod tips the scales at 3.5kg/7.7lbs  and the maximum height is 185cm (72.8 in) when the center column is fully extended. We know the minimum height of most tripods is not really that low, but remove the Central Shaft (with its quick-release mechanism) and you are set. We are talking all the way down to an amazing 16cm for low-angle shots.

Pricing and availability

YC Onion is currently offering a special where you can save up to $150. More information is available on their website. The YC Onion Pineta Peak is available now at the following prices:

  • Standard kit with bowl head and fluid head – $699
  • Standard kit with bowl head and standard video head – $799
  • Standard kit with bowl head, fluid head, and Central Shaft – $878

What do you think about the updated Pineta Peak tripod? Do you often use one tripod for videos and another for photography? Would you think of replacing them with the Pineta Peak? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below!


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