ZEAPON AXIS Series Announced – Multi-Axis Motorized Sliders

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ZEAPON AXIS Series Announced – Multi-Axis Motorized Sliders

ZEAPON has just introduced a new family of multi-axis motorized sliders called AXIS. It includes 6 different models featuring a carbon fiber track with a maximum travel distance of 1 meter. Each slider integrates a pan head that is expandable with an optional pan-tilt motorized module and can withstand a maximum payload of 12kg.

Chinese manufacturer ZEAPON is mainly known for their double-distance slider series called Micro, which received an update with the introduction of the Micro 3 model last year.

Now, the company is coming up with a new series of multi-axis motorized sliders aimed at filmmakers who need a lightweight package to travel with. Let’s take a closer look!

ZEAPON AXIS series. Source: ZEAPON

ZEAPON AXIS multi-axis motorized slider – features

The new ZEAPON AXIS series essentially consists of 3 main models named after their physical length: AXIS 80, 100, and 120 (cm). They offer a maximum camera travel distance of 60, 80, and 100cm respectively, and weigh 4.2kg, 4.6kg, and 4.7kg. Additionally, each model comes in a “Pro” version that includes the otherwise optional PONS motorized pan-tilt head – which adds about 1.2kg to the setup.

Pan head on ZEAPON AXIS slider
Pan head on ZEAPON AXIS slider. Source: ZEAPON

According to ZEAPON, the slider can withstand a maximum payload of 12kg when traveling horizontally. However, this figure drops to about 3.5kg when the slider is set up in a vertical position.

Each AXIS slider uses two carbon fiber rods as a track, has foldable support legs on the sides, and integrates a pan head. The latter can be moved on the tracks manually or pre-programmed via the built-in control module or a dedicated smartphone app. According to the company, the slider is designed in a way that manual and auto modes are just one click away.

ZEAPON AXIS' slider and pan head locks
Slider and pan head locks. Source: ZEAPON

A scale ruler on both the track and the pan head should allow you to precisely set up your desired camera movement. Moreover, the sliding tray and the pan head can be locked independently, which makes the slider easier to carry around.

ZEAPON AXIS slider with PONS motorized tilt-pan head
ZEAPON AXIS slider with PONS motorized tilt-pan head. Source: ZEAPON

You can mount a ball head directly onto the pan head via its dual-standard screw (1/4”-20 + 3/8”-16). Alternatively, you can even add two additional axes to the mix by connecting the PONS motorized pan-tilt head to the slider’s pan head via a quick-release interface.

ZEAPON AXIS' control panel with LCD screen and physical button
Control panel with LCD screen and physical button. Source: ZEAPON

The slider has a built-in control module that sits underneath the pan head and integrates an LCD screen as well as physical control buttons. According to ZEAPON, while you can control the slider from the app, the control panel has everything you need to set up a movement, control its speed, and so on. For example, it allows you to independently adjust the speed of the camera tray and that of the pan movement.

ZEAPON AXIS power options
ZEAPON AXIS power options. Source: ZEAPON

Finally, the slider can be powered using Sony NP-F style batteries, but also has a USB-C port to power it directly using an external 5-12V 3A source, such as a power bank, for example.


Price and availability

At the moment of writing, there’s no official information regarding the price and availability of the new ZEAPON AXIS sliders. We will update the article as soon as we find out.

For more information, please visit ZEAPON’s website here.

Have you ever used ZEAPON’s sliders? What do you think of their new AXIS series? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below!


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