amaran F21/f22x and F21/22c Flex Lights – Video Review

amaran (a lighting partner brand of Aputure) has released four varieties of Bi-Color and RGBWW Color flexible lighting fixtures. They promise to be portable and affordable options for filmmakers on the go or for those wishing to mount a light safely over talent with minimal grip. Let’s check out these new amaran Flex Lights!

Aputure has been on a roll lately. In addition to powerful new LightStorm fixtures, they also introduced some more affordable lighting solutions, namely the new amaran Tube Lights and the amaran Flex Lights.

The four varieties of new amaran Flex lights, differentiated primarily by whether they are bi-color or color and by their dimensions are broken down like this:

  • F21x – 2ft x 1ft dimensions (x denotes 2500K – 7500K Bi-Color), $399
  • F22x – 2ft x 2ft dimensions, $699
  • F21c – 2ft x 1ft dimensions (c denotes Color), $599
  • F22c – 2ft x 2ft dimensions, $899

My full written review of the amaran F22 and F21 (Color and Bi-Color) is available here.

amaran flex light
amaran flex light. Image Credit: Graham Sheldon / CineD

amaran flex lights

These new amaran flex lights come in two variants: Bi-Color and RGBWW color. Each variant comes in two sizes and in total, we get four models – F21x and F22x (bi-color) and F21c and F22c (RGBWW) flexible lights.

Just like with the amaran tube lights (review here), these new flex lights were released under the amaran brand and are therefore aimed more at semi-pro filmmakers and filmmakers on a budget. Don’t expect rental house quality in terms of ruggedness here. But on the other hand, these lights seem to come in very handy indeed when it comes to getting things done quickly and without too much hassle.

amaran flex light
Image credit: Graham Sheldon

If you get the full kit, everything needed is included in the bag:

  • Semi-Rigid Hard Case (Not Rolling)
  • Controller (V-Mount or Gold Mount)
  • Ballast
  • Head Cable/AC Cable
  • Stand Yoke with Pins for C-Stand Mounting
  • Grid
  • 1-Stop Diffusion, 2-Stop Diffusion

For all the specs and Sekonic readings of these lights, head over to my written review here. If tube lights are more your thing, check out my review of the new amaran tube lights here.

Link: Aputure

What do you think? Will you be adding the flex lights to your kit in the near future? What do you think the perfect use is for these lights? Let us know in the comments below!

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