Aputure Acquires Prolycht – More at IBC in September

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Aputure Acquires Prolycht - More at IBC in September

Aputure just announced that they are acquiring fellow lighting manufacturer, Prolycht. As a result of that, they will be releasing more information at the IBC2023 Show in September. Let’s look at the details!

Aputure acquires Prolycht

Aputure is a rather well-known Chinese lighting manufacturer which has been on the market since 2005. Over the years, Aputure’s products have found their way into most filmmakers’ kits due to the fact, that the company offers a wide range of lights for all budgets and set sizes. For example, Aputure’s more budget-friendly line amaran, which introduced the new 150c and 300c RGB spotlights at this year’s NAB.

Aputure Amaran 150C 300C LED Lights

Aputure amaran 150c and 300c spotlights at NAB. Image credit: CineD

In my opinion, Prolycht will be a valuable addition to Aputure’s product line. The relatively young Chinese company first caught our attention back in 2021 when they announced the Orion 300 FS full-color spotlight. Founded by a group of color scientists, Prolycht seems to always be focusing on the development of color, sensing, optics, and control technologies that resulted in accurate color reproduction and features of Prolycht products.

ImageTrack RT in the Chroma Link iOS app. Source: Accsoon / Prolycht

One very interesting example of Prolycht’s innovation in recent months was the introduction of the ImageTrack RT – a real-time color sampling and control system integrated into Prolycht’s free Chroma Link iOS lighting control app. It can track a portion of the image from the camera feed coming in via the Accsoon SeeMo Pro, and control the connected Prolycht lights to match the color.

Both Aputure founder CEO Ian Xie and Prolycht founder Anqing Liu claim to be looking forward to collaborating on new Aputure products by combining the technological knowledge of both companies.

The good news is that the Prolycht team has plans in place to ensure that existing Prolycht customers have warranty and repair support for as long as possible through Prolycht channels.

More information at the IBC2023 Show

It seems that Aputure is planning on releasing more information on the significance of this collaboration to the filmmaking world will be shared online and at the Aputure Booth (11.B22) during IBC in Amsterdam, Netherlands, on September 15.

Of course, our CineD team will be present at the IBC show floor and will bring you the latest news on (not only) Aputure’s news as it gets revealed.

What do you think about Aputure’s acquisition of Prolycht? What kind of product would you like to see resulting from this in the future? Let us know in the comments section underneath the article.


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