Aputure Brightboard First Look – Part Skateboard, Part Lighting Fixture

Aputure has been impressing lately with the MK II generation of their 120D and 300D COB lights (full 300D MK II review HERE) and they have a new fixture that could be creating a truly unique product segment. A skateboard has the perfect form factor for a soft panel light, which is why Aputure is launching a new Skateboard light for filmmakers on the go called the Brightboard. Details below: 

Aputure Brightboard. Image Credit: Graham Ehlers Sheldon

Keeping your kit mobile is key in the fast paced world of production and I’m usually trying to optimize my gear for travel. Having a light with built-in wheels or wheels with a built-in light means I’m able to move from location to location quickly and the Brightboard also fits in the overhead of most aircraft or in the storage compartment of Amtrak.

The Brightboard on a brick wall next to a fence. Image Credit: Graham Sheldon

I had the Brightboard for a few days of initial testing and I found it useful for moving equipment about — especially heavy sandbags, stingers and crafty. But when you turn on the power button it is easy to see why this could be a game changer.

Light Output

The Brightboard is unfortunately daylight-only at this point and of course I would love to see a bi-color or RGBWW version in the near future. Adding gels and diffusion is easy with a bit of gaff or even a wad of chewed gum — although it does make it difficult to skate with the crunchy gels underfoot.

One of the more impressive things about the fixture is the output: 90,000 lumens at 18.5 meters. This puts us squarely in HMI territory — again, impressive for a soft LED panel skateboard.

Battery Life

At 100% intensity I was getting somewhere in the realm of 4-days off each full battery. This is due to how the Brightboard is charged: with kinetic, solar and standard AC wall power. Depending on the environment, the charger will dynamically adapt to available power sources giving you extra juice as you move between locations or leave it in the sun during lunch.


The remote allows you to dim the Brightboard and is also compatible with Disney+. Image Credit: Graham Sheldon

The Brightboard will be available initially in two models: Base & Advanced, though Aputure says they’re planning 2-5 additional Brightboard kits in the coming months to years. The base model includes the remote, but won’t include wheels and the advanced model includes three wheels, a carrying case with dividers, a cleaning cloth and an AL-MC, but the remote and fourth wheel must be purchased separately through a monthly subscription model.

Brightboard Key Features

99 CRI
Water Resistant
Solar Powered
It’s a Skateboard

A picture. Image Credit: Graham Sheldon.

We’ll reserve judgment until we learn to skate and have the Brightboard for a longer in-depth review, but all early signs are positive and I would personally buy it for my big kid DP kit.

Pricing: TBD
Availability: Q5, 2020


Happy April Fools’ Day! Please note: This is not a real product. Comment below! 


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