Boris FX Sapphire 2022 Adds New Color LUT Effect – ColorFuse

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Boris FX Sapphire 2022 Adds New Color LUT Effect - ColorFuse

Boris FX Sapphire 2022 adds a new cinematic color grading tool, Sapphire ColorFuse. This unique effect promises faster color grading, support for CUDA, Metal, and native Apple M1 GPU acceleration, and portability between host applications.

Boris FX is really the cream of the crop as far as professional plug-ins go. Just last year they released PowerMesh Tracking as an update to MochaPro, which tracks warp surfaces with stunning speed and accuracy.

Boris FX Sapphire 2022

This new Sapphire LUT effect comes bundled with Boris FX LUT Starter pack to help you quickly and easily create pleasing looks.

Applying LUTs to log footage has become extremely commonplace for productions looking to save time in post. But, complex workflows and mismatched color spaces can create undesirable results.

The solution to this has always been to first apply a color transform effect or node to first adjust the footage to fit with the desired LUT. This creates a stack of effects that can be wildly inconsistent, confusing, and can slow render times to a crawl.

Image credit: Boris FX

Boris FX hopes to solve these issues by simplifying the process with ColorFuse in Sapphire 2022.

ColorFuse puts masks, host colorspace transforms, and creative LUTs into one effect that is easy to adjust and render. Users can select colorspaces via a dropdown menu, and easily adjust the strength of up to 3 cinematic LUTs by using sliders.

Image credit: Boris FX

ColorFuses’ accurate color transforms are all produced in accordance with OCIO industry standards. OpenColorIO (OCIO) is an open-source color pipeline with the goal of creating consistent color transforms, and consistent image display across multi-applications cinematic color pipelines.

ColorFuse comes in 2 flavors, S_ColorFuse and S_ColorFuseLooks.

Sapphire Preset Browser | Image credit: Boris FX

S_ColorFuseLooks is available inside of Sapphire’s Effect Builder, and Sapphire for Photoshop. It is very simple and easy to use with built-in looks and bundled presets.

S_ColorFuse works similarly to S_ColorFuseLooks but with a custom bonus feature. S_ColorFuse also allows users to add their own .CUBE LUT files into the mix.

Transfer looks between hosts

Sapphire for Photoshop | Image credit: Boris FX

Sapphire ColorFuse allows users to easily transfer looks between host applications without the need to keep track of LUTs. Everything is stored in the presets within the effects.

Image credit: Boris FX

Colorists and editors working between Avid, Premiere Pro, or DaVinci Resolve can move the looks they create between applications as needed.


Boris FX Sapphire is available for Adobe, OFX applications, and Avid. It can be purchased as a perpetual license for $1,695 (on sale for $1,271.25) or through an annual subscription for $495 (sale $371.25) or monthly for $62 (sale $46.50).

Visit Boris FX’s website for more information on ColorFuse, Sapphire 2022, and to purchase a license.

Do you use Sapphire for your editing projects? Tell us what you like the most about Sapphire and Boris FX in the comments below.

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