DJI Action 2 Firmware Update – HorizonBalancing for 4K60, DJI Mic Remote Control, and More

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DJI Action 2 Firmware Update – HorizonBalancing for 4K60, DJI Mic Remote Control, and More

Along with the Mavic 3 update (article here), The DJI Action 2 firmware version brings a new HorizonBalancing mode that keeps footage, well, horizontally balanced at up to 4K 60fps and a maximum roll axis tilt of 45°. Furthermore, it improves the Steady mode, brings new Timelapse Low Power Mode, DJI Mic Remote Control, Horizon Calibration, and more.

Released in October 2021, the DJI Action 2 is a tiny modular action camera that offers an innovative approach and brings a surprisingly good image quality given its size. You can check my review of the camera in case you missed it.

Although Action 2 already offered a lot right out of the box, there were a few details that I missed from the camera during my review. The good thing is that DJI recently released a new free firmware update for Action 2. Let’s take a look at all the details.

DJI Action 2 firmware update

First of all, the update brings new stabilization modes. The newly added HorizonBalancing mode enables 4K 60fps video with horizontal stability. However, the mode keeps 4K footage level only if the roll axis is not tilted more than +/- 45°.

The real-time stabilization mode “Steady” reduces edge stretching during distortion correction to provide a wide FOV with less image distortion. The power consumption got optimized when Steady is enabled or EIS is disabled. DJI provided a table with the auto-stop rec temperature test (indoors at 25°C) using different video shooting modes.

DJI Action 2 auto-stop temperature comparison. Source: DJI

To make things a little less confusing, after the new firmware update the DJI Action 2 now offers the following stabilization modes:

  • Steady – DJI Action 2 default stabilization mode that supports up to 4K 60fps video shooting and is suitable for most scenarios according to DJI.
  • RockSteady – This mode supports up to 4K 120fps but it requires additional computing power to generate more stable video with wider FOV.
  • HorizonBalancing – This new mode keeps the footage level up to 4K 60fps video but only up to a tilt of 45°.
  • HorizonSteady – This mode keeps the footage level at all times without any angle limitation, but it only works up to 2.7K 60fps and it dramatically reduces the FOV.

Here is the comparison of the FOV in different stabilizing modes: EIS off, RockSteady, Steady, HorizonBalancing, and HorizonSteady.

DJI Action 2 FOV comparison. Source: DJI

Another new feature is the Timelapse Low Power Mode. When enabled by tapping the “moon icon” in the top left corner in the timelapse mode, the screen will turn off after recording for 10s.

DJI Mic Remote Control has been added. It is now possible to start/stop video recording by pressing the linking button on the transmitter when the DJI Mic receiver is connected to the DJI Action 2 front touchscreen module or power module.

DJI Action 2 and DJI Mic. Source: DJI

Horizon Calibration means that DJI Action 2 will automatically check the IMU sensor and prompt users to set Horizon Calibration if needed. The calibration can also be set manually from the settings page.

Furthermore, the new firmware also includes the following updates:

  • Optimized method of adjusting camera zoom – tapping and holding the zoom icon to reduce the chance of accidental operation.
  • Optimized UI for exporting internal storage files – the camera screen will automatically lock when exporting internal storage files to a microSD.
  • Optimized UI for formatting a microSD card – double confirmation is needed for formatting a microSD card by swiping the screen to reduce the chance of accidental operation.
  • Improved microSD card compatibility
  • Optimized power efficiency of the Front Touchscreen Module and Power Module when charging the Camera Unit.
  • Fixed some minor bugs

Price and availability

The new firmware update version is available for download free of charge directly from the free DJI Mimo app. The latest version v1.7.12 of the app can be downloaded for Android in the Google Play Store as well as for iOS in the App Store. The DJI Action 2 Power Combo currently sells for $399, the Dual-Screen Combo sells for $519, and the DJI Mic is available for $329.

Do you use DJI Action 2 for your filmmaking work? What do you think of the new firmware update? Let us know in the comments section underneath the article.


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