DZOFILM PAVO 2X Anamorphic Lens Series Officially Released

DZOFILM PAVO 2X Anamorphic Lens Series Officially Released

DZOFILM PAVO 2X anamorphic lenses offer 28mm, 32mm, 40mm, 55mm, 75mm T2.1, and 100mm T2.4 focal lengths for ARRI PL or Canon EF lens mounts and Super35 sensors. Featuring blue or neutral coating options, back-focus adjustment, as well as compact size and weight, the lenses are now available for pre-order at $5499 per lens.

The Chinese lens manufacturer DZOFILM already has a handful of cinema lenses (both zoom and prime) in its portfolio. This year, the company is launching a Super35 2X anamorphic prime lens series called PAVO. We first saw these lenses at this year’s NAB Show in Las Vegas. Make sure to watch our video interview in case you missed it. DZOFILM PAVO 2X lenses have now been officially announced, so let’s quickly recap what we know and how much these lenses will sell for.

DZOFILM PAVO 2X series – features

PAVO 2X anamorphic lens. Source: DZOFILM

Perhaps the most interesting feature of these anamorphic prime lenses is their compact size and weight (given they offer the real 2x anamorphic squeeze). Each lens weighs between 1.2kg and 1.6kg with a front diameter of only 95mm. The lenses still feature an all-metal body (black and space gray).

PAVO 2X anamorphic lens – lightweight design. Source: DZOFILM

Although they only cover Super35 image sensors (31.5mm image circle), the lenses can also work with full-frame sensors if paired with a DZOFILM Marlin expander. They come with a user-interchangeable ARRI PL/Canon EF lens mount.

The set consists of six lenses:

  • 28mm T2.1 lens (minimum focusing distance 0.40m)
  • 32mm T2.1 lens (minimum focusing distance 0.40m)
  • 40mm T2.1 lens (minimum focusing distance 0.45m)
  • 55mm T2.1 lens (minimum focusing distance 0.60m)
  • 75mm T2.1 lens (minimum focusing distance 0.81m)
  • 100mm T2.4 lens (minimum focusing distance 0.95m)

DZOFILM PAVO 2x lenses feature a built-in back-focus adjustment for precise control, adapting to different cameras and lens mounts.

PAVO 2X anamorphic lens – blue or neutral coating. Source: DZOFILM

There are blue and neutral coating options available. These will affect the color of the horizontal flares. DZOFILM claims the lenses show minimal chromatic aberration and well-controlled barrel distortion.

Price and availability

DZOFILM PAVO 2X lenses can be pre-ordered now with optional imperial and metric scales. Each single lens is priced at $5499 and comes packed in a hard case. A bundle of three lenses will cost $15,999 and will come in a single, larger hard case. Finally, a set of all six lenses will be sold for $30,999 and will come in two separate cases.

PAVO 2X anamorphic lens case. Source: DZOFILM

All focal lengths (except 100mm) will start shipping in early October 2023. The longest 100mm T2.4 lens will start shipping in December 2023, according to DZOFILM.

What do you think about DZOFILM PAVO lenses? If you work with 2x anamorphic lenses, do you own a set or do you rent these for each project? Let us know in the comments section underneath the article.


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