Advertisement Camera to Cloud (C2C) Officially Launched Camera to Cloud (C2C) Officially Launched

The new workflow/cloud/on-the-fly upload service announced earlier this year (read our article here), called C2C (Camera to Cloud), is now live and ready for use. The beta phase seemed to be quite successful and this new service is now available at no additional cost to existing customers.

This new service, called C2C, is a pretty disruptive new approach to quickly and securely transferring footage directly from the camera to the cloud, so clients, editors and other collaborators can instantly review what’s happening on set and start working on footage. C2C
image credit: C2C – Camera to Cloud has always been about collaboration and working on existing footage, no matter where everyone is located. Worldwide collaboration, so to speak. So if you’re still scratching your head wondering what this new C2C thing might be all about, be sure to check out the video below to get started with C2C:

And if you want to dig even deeper, has launched a new Learning Hub with 13 episodes that show how you can leverage C2C in your project. Click here for more details.

To make it all work, you need a certified device connected to your camera, and right now the list of compatible devices is rather short. But, and this is actually a smart move by, the company offers a dedicated API as well as a C2C certification program that allows hardware and software manufacturers to develop their own C2C-compatible devices.

Once authenticated, certified devices such as Sound Devices mixers/recorders (currently 888 and Scorpio) or the Teradek CUBE 655 record, encode, and send timecode-accurate H.264 proxy files with matching filenames directly to over a secure connection via 5G, LTE, or WiFi, enabling near real-time delivery of edit-ready proxy files to a producer, dailies facility, or editor no matter where they are based in the world.

Watch the video above to learn how to set up a SoundDevices 888 mixer/recorder and get it working with C2C.

Compatible cameras

In order to get started with C2C you need a compatible camera of course. Campatible in this case refers to the ability to provide certain features and attributes over SDI.

Fully supported camera systems provide record triggers, clipname, and timecode over SDI.

  • RED DSMC2 (Epic Monstro, Epic Helium, Gemini, and Ranger line) and Komodo
  • Panavision DXL2
  • ARRI Alexa and Amira
  • Sony VENICE, F55, FS7, FX9, FX6 C2C camera list
cameras compatible with C2C (will be expanded over time). Image credit:

Partially supported camera systems provide record triggers and timecode over SDI, but not clipname. is working with their partners to improve compatibility.

  • Canon C300 MkII
  • Panasonic Varicam and EVA1

Pricing and availabilty

The nice thing is that C2C is not a standalone service, but “just” an addition to the already quite powerful platform. That means if you’re already a customer, you can start using C2C right away (if you meet the hardware requirements). A subscription starts at $15/month. You can view all available plans on


What do you think? Is this the new way of doing things? Are you already a customer and looking forward to trying out these new C2C features? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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