Godox Releases Two New Scrim Flag Kits

Godox Releases Two New Scrim Flag Kits

Godox has released two new Scrim Flag Kits, the Godox SF6090 Kit and the SF4560 Kit. Both kits consist of a set of flags, as well as a few dots and fingers. The company is well-known for producing very affordable equipment, that is still able to compete with much pricier alternatives. Let’s have a closer look!

The name Godox has been around for some time now. For photographers the Godox flashes and control systems have established themselves as alternatives to brands like Profoto, which are traditionally priced for a much higher market segment. Godox has also made quite some inroads into continuous lighting in recent years. We have reported about the Godox SL300II Bi-Color COB LED as well as the Godox Litemon LA series. But the company has also been trying their hand in accessories, like a shotgun mic and even a directional smartphone mic.

On the lighting side, due to its involvement in photography, Godox already has a wealth of modifiers and shaping accessories. So the Godox Scrim Flag Kits seem like a welcome addition to the umbrellas, tents, stands, softboxes and other gear already available, to give that final finesse for shaping and control.

Contents of both kits. Source: Godox.

Godox SF6090 & SF4560 Scrim Flag Kits

The Godox SF6090 and SF4560 kits both contain 5 flags, 2 fingers and 2 dots each. The major difference is the size of the 5 flags. Indeed, in the Godox SF6090 Scrim Flag Kit is 24″ x 36″ (~ 60 x 90 cm) whereas the Godox SF4560 Scrim Flag Kit has flags measuring 18″ x 24″ (~ 45 x 60cm).

Source: Godox

The size of the fingers is 4″ x 14″ (10 x 35cm) and the dots have a diameter of 6″ (15cm). All of the flags are collapsible, while the fingers and dots stay the same size. Both kits come in handy carrying bags, with a very visible and readable label, denoting the contents.

godox scrim flag kit bag
Kit bag for Godox Scrim Flag Kits. Source: Godox.

But what do the flags, dots and fingers in the Godox Scrim Flag Kits actually let you do? Here’s a full list of their modifying features:

  • One stop silk flag
  • Two stop silk flag
  • Single black net flag
  • Double black net flag
  • Black solid flag
  • Black solid finger & dot
  • Black net finger & dot

All modifiers have standard, umbrella-size attachment bolts, which can be used with most available stands.

godox scrim flag kits in use
Godox Scrim Flag Kits in use. Source: Godox.

Price and availability

Both kits are now available for purchase on B&H. The Godox SF6090 Scrim Flag Kit retails for $259, while the SF4560 is cheaper ($179).

For more information, please visit Godox’s website here.

So what do you think of the two Godox Scrim Flag Kits? Would you give them a shot for the price? Which important piece of shaping kit is missing in them? Let us know in the comments!


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