Meet the All-New – Increased Speed, New Features

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Meet the All-New - Increased Speed, New Features has just unveiled a complete overhauled version of its popular video collaboration plattform. It’s due this summer and it’s all about speed – and a ton of new features, too. is an online tool for video collaboration. It helps you gathering feedback from your clients, hassle-free. Read all about it in our previous coverage here. It integrates deeply with your favourite NLE such as Premeiere Pro or Final Cut Pro X. For 2018,’s CEO Emery Wells has just announced a major overhaul of the plattform.

The All-New

The coming release of, due this summer, is all ablout speed. The company has rewritten the core code from scratch, resulting in superior performance and upload speeds. is claiming a massive 100x speed increase for browsing and uploading vast libraries of assets. Assuming you have access to a very beefy uplink connection, the new media uploader now supports speeds north of 1 gigabit while leaving nested folder structures unaltered.

new dashboard.

The media browser got an update, too. With the new version, you’ll get bespoke workspaces for video, audio, images (including several RAW formats and even GIFs) and multi-page PDF documents. Dedicated tools make it easy to interact with these different types of media.

Bespoke audio player.

Along with these bespoke workspaces, the underlying core video playback engine ensures buttery smooth video loading, browsing and playback, even at 4K resolutions.

New Collaborative Tools

With the new version, users can now provide not only frame-accurate comments but also range-based feedback. Just drag and drop the comment handles and share your ideas about that given snippet. This makes it easier for you to understand what your client really wants.
Another neat (and completely new) feature is called Presence. Now you can monitor who exactly is watching your video right now and what these persons are up to. You can see who of your invitees has seen the clip and who still has to see it. You can also watch in real time who is commenting on the video and where exactly. Clip statistics show you play count, historical views, and even let you set up a notification when a specific person or group of people start viewing.

A new version manager lets you add, remove or rearrange specific versions in the stack. This definitely helps to keep things clean and tidy throughout the project.


This new version of will roll out this summer, you can join their mailing list in order to get a head start once it’s live ans also get a 90-day free trial.

Oh, one more thing: If you’re wondering if there’s a DaVinci Resolve integration coming, this comment by Emery Wells himself might cheer you up:

We have plenty of love for Resolve. Stay tuned.

Links: Blog Post | free trial sign-up

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