Ninja Dolly – Compact and Versatile Dolly System

Ninja Dolly - Compact and Versatile Dolly System

Ninja Dolly Setup

Here’s a nice little grip system that can save you time on set. The Ninja Dolly is versatile & compact, made in the U.S and benefits from the use of standard domestic tubing for the track. Primarily a dolly but also much more, place it on the ground for a high hat or rig it to a car with its four industry standard baby pin receivers.

Introducing the Ninja Dolly

I’m not sure what I see most of nowadays, Sony and their affordable 4K cameras or working DPs who have ventured into making an all-in-one grip product.

The Ninja Dolly system (to the dismay of all Sony fanboys) falls into the latter category but shakes things up a little with its quick and easy switch between various guises.

Ninja Dolly Base

As a tracking dolly, the Ninja Dolly is a compact and universal system; a neat flat base, strong & thin with easy lift handles and a compact 75/100mm bowl adaptor in the middle for tripod heads.

V-shaped wheels with flat tops ensure a wide variety of compatible track poles, as well as the option to track along a flat floor without any track.

The Ninja Dolly ships with no track, just pop down your local hardware store and grab some standard scaff tubing in the 1 5/8″ region.

The feet are the end blocks to your tracking system. These are adjustable in width according to your setup and payload and can either sit on the floor or attach to conventional grip heads via 1 or 2 baby receivers.

Ninja Dolly_5 Ninja Dolly Feet

4 of the same industry standard baby receivers can be found on Ninja Dolly flat base. These protrude further than the wheels themselves meaning you can seamlessly switch between dolly and high hat configuration; they operate as the protection to the wheels when you place the Ninja Dolly on a flat surface too.

Ninja Dolly in action

However, their use doesn’t stop there; you can use the Ninja Dolly as a platform for car mounting.

Ninja Dolly_2

Or stick some suction cups on the receivers for more tricky configurations.

Ninja Dolly_1

Owner and creator, Brent Buntyn, takes pride in the 2-year journey it’s taken to get to this point—not only in production but also testing and refining the Ninja Dolly in-the-field as a working DP.

I think this shows; it’s a simple system that catches my eyes due to its ability to switch seamlessly through configurations.

Package price for the Ninja Dolly with 2 Feet Rail Brackets (no rails) is $799+shipping.


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