RED Komodo – Official Waitlist for Production Cameras is Open

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RED Komodo - Official Waitlist for Production Cameras is Open

The official waitlist for RED Komodo production cameras is open. According to Jarred Land, the first cameras should start rolling out by the end of October. The $1000 discount for RED HYDROGEN owners, reducing the camera’s price from around $6,000 to around $5,000, can be applied via the phone’s IMEI code within the first 60 days of launch.

The Komodo is RED’s latest Super35 6K cinema camera with a compact body. After many months of underground information and pre-release model beta-testing, RED is finally going into full production. What does that exactly mean?

RED Komodo Stormtrooper Model. Source: RED

RED Komodo Waiting List Open

Recently, RED President Jarred Land published information about the official waiting list for production cameras now being open. The word Komodo also appeared on the official RED website for the first time. There is now a Komodo landing page for entering an e-mail address and getting on the waiting list for the black production model of the camera.

According to Jarred land, the first black production cameras should start rolling out by the end of October. He did not forget to thank all the beta owners for their input after testing the colored pre-production and white stormtrooper cameras.

Canon RF Speed Booster on Komodo?

When Canon launched the EOS C70 cinema camera roughly two weeks ago, they also presented the EF-EOS R 0.71x speed booster. It will reduce the C70’s crop factor to the one of a full-frame camera while also adding roughly one stop of exposure.

According to Canon, the speed booster is designed specifically for the EOS C70 and it has special four-screw mounting brackets to provide the camera with a solid mount. It is yet to be seen if that adapter will also work with the RED Komodo.

Canon EF-EOS R 0.71x Mount Adapter. Source: Canon

There is a new thread on REDuser specifically for the speculations on whether this could work or not. Some users are concerned about the adapter not being able to fit due to Komodo’s chin interfering with the adapter’s non-removable foot. It would indeed be nice to get the full-frame look with the EF lenses with the Komodo. What do you think?


The initial plan to reward early adopters of the RED HYDROGEN smartphone still remains. Jarred published more information about the discount. He said that HYDROGEN owners will receive $1000 off the purchase price (paid by RED HYDROGEN) of a Komodo camera when purchased within 60 days after its launch. In order to receive the discount customers will need to provide the IMEI number from their phone at checkout. Instructions on how to locate the IMEI can be found here.

RED Hydrogen One – Backside. Photo credit: Phil Holland

As Jarred previously stated, the final price for the RED Komodo camera body should be around $6,000. That makes the final price for those who qualify for the RED HYDROGEN discount around $5,000.

What do you think about the RED Komodo so far? Do you plan on purchasing the camera? Let us know in the comment section underneath the article.


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