Sony a6300 Cages are Hitting the Shelves

Sony a6300 Cages are Hitting the Shelves

In our tests, the new  Sony Alpha a6300 pocket-sized mirrorless camera has proven to deliver some serious 4K video at a very low price. In many situations, we want to equip these bare bones cameras with different accessories, and that’s where a camera cage comes in handy.

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5 Sony a6300 Cages Hit the Shelves

At cinema5D, we had the chance to review a lot of cages last year. We’ve touched on Sony a7, a7S, a7S II and a7R II by almost all the manufacturers in our Sony a7S Cage Review and later our Sony a7S II Cage Review. Many of the cages didn’t make it onto the list of our favourites.

This article is not a Review (yet). We haven’t been able to review the new Sony a6300 cages yet, but many of the manufacturers sent us updates about their new designs that have become—or are close to becoming—available and we thought we’d give you an overview of what’s out there right now with regards to a6300 cages!

SmallRig 1661 Sony a6300 Cage

smallrig a3600 cagesThe SmallRig Cage is really the most affordable one of them all. SmallRig also makes cages for the Sony a7S and a7S II cameras and many others. Lots of users are very pleased with them. They are basic but offer lots of mounting points and accessories that you can buy to upgrade the cage later.

There’s a video about the cage here. [EDIT: removed]

Costs: $69

(The fully rigged version of this cage with all accessories costs $302)

Came-Tv  Sony a6300 Cage

came-tv a6300 cagesIn our a7S II Cage Review the Came-Tv cage was one of our recommended cages as it offered a complete setup at an affordable price point. The a6300 cage seems to follow the same principle. It comes fully rigged with top-handle, viewfinder mount, HDMI lock and rod support.

One point of contention: a Metabones mount would be a nice addition on top.

Cost: $278

8Sinn Sony a6300 Cage

8sinn-a6300-cageWe also had a cage by the company 8Sinn in our a7S II Cage Review, and it did well despite a few aspects that could have been improved. We hope the company took some of our feedback into consideration when designing the Sony a6300 cage. Unfortunately, the price for the cage is still very high, yet it only consists of the core cage with HDMI lock and top handle, no rod support.

Cost $349

Walimex Pro Light Weight Sony a6300 Cage

walimex a6300 cagesWe haven’t tested any cages by Walimex yet, but this one is surely on the list of gear to test. The product image promises a lot of mounting points for many accessories—perhaps even a few too many accessories, as it’s hard to see the cage itself!

The price is also a bit striking considering that this one, like the 8Sinn, doesn’t come with a rod mount.

Cost: $349

Lockcircle 6300NY Sony a6300 Cage

lockcircle a6300 cagesThis Italian company specializes in producing cages that stick to the camera like a second skin. They usually offer a very sturdy HDMI lock on their cages. The basic version of this cage comes without the HDMI lock, but it is an optional accessory, just like the Metabones mount they have.

This one is the most expensive of all offerings, but if you’re using the camera for a major production, it might be worth it.

Cost: $299

More to Come

It’s great to see so many a6300 cages cropping up so quickly. The Sony a6300 is a popular camera and we’re sure there will be more accessories by more manufacturers. We will try to get our hands on all of these cages and do a proper review when possible. For now, use the comments section to share your experiences if you try one of the a6300 cages listed—especially if you find one we’ve missed!

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