Sony Firmware Update for FS7 and Venice – Now Available

Sony Firmware Update for FS7 and Venice -  Now Available

Sony firmware updates are available for the Venice and FS7. The former is the slightly-earlier-than-planned enabling of ProRes, 6K options plus 3D LUT support (to name a few). The latter gets an update that enables selective ISO speeds in Cine EI.

Sony Firmware Update For FS7

Starting with the smallest of updates first. Firmware update V4.30 for the Sony FS7 is now available, adding just one small feature – selective ISO in Cine EI.

Yes, just one feature, but it’s fairly  substantial move; many will have gotten used to exposing their FS7 in-camera with a single ISO to maximize the dynamic range of the sensor.

That doesn’t change, but it does mean that when you want to rate the camera at a different ISO, you can do so in-camera without leaving it to post-prod to tweak.

If you use the new feature, it is a destructive change – rating your camera higher or lower than the native 2000 EI will be baked in; caution therefore to be taken when setting exposure.

Sony Firmware Update For Venice

When the Sony Venice was first announced at the start of the year, there was a road map in place for certain features.

Firmware Update V2 was suggested August this year, so we’re a little ahead of schedule.

Here is what has been added:

1.Added imager modes, 6K 17:9, 6K 1.85:1 and 4K 6:5

2.Added ISO2500 high sensitivity (Dual Base ISO)

3.E-mount lenses supports

4.Variable Frame rate (Select FPS)

5.Apple ProRes HD supports

6.Added simultaneous recording format

7.User 3D LUT supports

8.EI applied in S-Log3 output and recording

9.Surround view in 4K 17:9, 3.8K 16:9 and 4K 4:3 imager modes

10.High Quality Viewfinder focus magnification

11.Auto White Balance

12.High/Low key

13.VF False color

14.Camera remote control via Ethernet

15.Inside button operation for Playback

16.Eliminated restrictions on 6K 3:2 imager mode playback function

Enabling ProRes HD recording modes and added ISO2500 high sensitivity (Dual Base ISO) will surely be the headline features.

3D LUT support and 6K crop options stick out for me too. And it looks like the same feature will be applied for S-Log3 EI for output and recording also.

There’s a V3 fimrware update expected next year also, you can view details on that here.

Firmware update for Sony VENICE and FS7 can be found below.

Click here for firmware update V4.30 for the Sony FS7

Click here for firmware update V2 for the Sony Venice

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