Sony FX3 Interview: We Ask, Sony Answers

The Sony FX3 was announced last week, so we took the opportunity to have a friendly conversation with Ben Pilling from Sony Europe and discuss who this camera is for, why some “cinema features” are missing, where the EVF is, and much more. So take a seat and enjoy another episode of our “Gear News Videos”.

The Sony FX3 should start shipping tomorrow, March 2nd and we thought, it’s the perfect time to clarify some points with Ben Pilling from Sony Europe.

If you haven’t done so yet, please check out our Sony FX3 review by clicking here. In a nutshell, my conclusion was that the FX3 is a very nice camera but it was not so clear to me, what actually makes this camera part of Sony’s cinema line and this is why, I reached out to Sony and asked for Ben to clarify some points.

Sony FX3 – Interview with Sony

Sony FX3, top view
Sony FX3. Image credit: CineD

We talked about the absent shutter angle, de-squeeze mode for anamorphic monitoring, 4K DCI, the possibility to turn off Noise Reduction all together, the decision not to include an EVF and internal e-ND and more.

Here is a full rundown of our talk:

01:40 – What made Sony create a similar camera to the a7S III?

04:20 – Why is shutter angle missing?

05:44 – Any chance to have de-squeeze mode or 4k DCI?

07:40 – Can Noise Reduction be turned off completely?

09:03 – Why no EVF?

11:28 – Why no internal ND?

12:27- Did Sony ever consider selling the FX3 at the same price of the Sony a7S III?

One thing that came out very clearly from this friendly conversation is the fact that Sony is listening to what you guys are saying and writing, so please take a moment to comment on what is important for you to be added to this camera with possible future firmware updates.

Did you preorder the Sony FX3? If yes, what was your main reason for doing so? Please share your thoughts with us in the comment section below.


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