Adobe Premiere Pro 14.8 Update Released

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Adobe Premiere Pro 14.8 Update Released

Adobe recently released an Adobe Premiere Pro 14.8 update that includes timecode support for non-standard frame rates, color space and gamma changes for .R3D raw files, and a couple of performance improvements/bug fixes. Let’s take a closer look at it!

Adobe is rolling software updates fast, with close to an update every month. We already talked about Premiere Pro version 14.6, including a new Quick Export feature and some AMD APUs optimization. Also, Adobe released the first beta versions of Premiere Pro for Apple M1 Macs. With this latest Adobe Premiere Pro update, the company continues to push its software further.

What’s New?

This Adobe Premiere Pro 14.8 is not groundbreaking, and here is a quick list of everything new:

  • Added support to display and use any non-standard frame rate timecodes, such as 120fps, 240fps, or VFR clips.
Image credit: Adobe
  • The default working color space and Gamma curve has been modified for all RED files. For all .R3D files, the default color space will now be RedWideGamutRGB with a Log3G10 gamma curve. Of course, you can change these manually if you wish.
  • Performance improvements in H.264/HEVC encoding for TigerLake processors (11th generation Intel Core mobile processors).

And that’s it for all the major changes.

Fixed Issues

Adobe also fixed a couple of Premiere Pro issues, including:

  • Home screen panels don’t resize correctly with high-resolution displays.
  • Improved stability when quitting immediately from Home Screen.
  • Marquee selection fails to select video track.
  • Images are squeezed horizontally when scaled below 50% in non-square pixel aspect ratio sequence.
  • Media Browser icons appear incorrect on macOS Big Sur.
  • Block noises when importing some Canon MP4 files.
  • The application may hang when changing the playback setting to software only with ProRes RAW on macOS.
  • DVCPro HD file fails to import.

This Adobe Premiere Pro 14.8 update is available to download now via your Creative Cloud application. To learn more about it, please visit Adobe’s website here.

What do you think about this new Adobe Premiere Pro 14.8 update? Do you often edit and modify .R3D files in Premiere Pro? Let us know in the comments below!


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