CAME-TV Boltzen P-1200R RGBDT “Ready to Fly” Lights Announced

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CAME-TV Boltzen P-1200R RGBDT "Ready to Fly" Lights Announced

The CAME-TV Boltzen Perseus P-1200R are new RGBDT LED light panels, which promise to combine 55W light output with a compact size, or as the company calls them, “Ready to Fly” light. The yoke design allows for multiple lights to be stacked together for easier transport. They should offer a high CRI of 94-98 across the whole range of 200K to 10000K. Their price starts at $268.

LED lights are becoming increasingly smaller and more powerful, while offering added RGB outputs and wireless controls to provide us filmmakers with better tools for shaping an image. This is a trend I like to see.

The Chinese company CAME-TV already has a few RGB LED lights in its portfolio. Now, they are announcing new, compact-sized RGBDT panels called Perseus P-1200R. Let’s take a short look at them.

CAME-TV Boltzen Perseus P-1200R

It seems that the new Boltzen Perseus P-1200R lamps combine a high CRI RGB output with compact dimensions. As CAME-TV states, these lights feature a unique yoke design that allows them to fold flat and be stacked on top of each other for easier transportation, especially when in a need to fly.

RGBDT stands for “Red-Green-Blue-Daylight-Tungsten”, which hints that five different LED units have been used in the panel (other companies use terms like RGBWW, which is the same thing). Even though regular RGB lights are, of course, capable of producing white, adding the two white LED units in between the RGB units maintains a high CRI value of the white light.

Boltzen Perseus P-1200R light. Source: CAME-TV

According to CAME-TV, for the color range of 2000K to 10000K, the DT (white) group of LEDs will illuminate with a high CRI of 98. When choosing a color range below 3200K or above 5600K, the RGB and DT groups of lights will illuminate with a CRI of approximately 94.

When it comes to the strength of the lights, CAME-TV only states 55W as an output. There is, unfortunately, no further information about lux output measurements at different distances.

Boltzen Perseus P-1200R light. Source: CAME-TV

The exact dimensions of the light are also not available at the moment, but judging from the size of the V-lock plate on the back, the panels are quite compact. Apart from V-lock battery packs, the lights can be powered with the included DC15V 4-pin cable.

The P-1200R back panel. Source: CAME-TV

When it comes to user control, CAME-TV’s Boltzen Perseus P-1200R offer a direct control panel on the back of the panel with two dimmers, a couple of buttons, and what seems to be a monochromatic display. CAME-TV also offers a wireless (Wi-Fi) remote control with the Boltzen LED Commander, as well as the possibility to control the light via an app. Finally, there is also a USB-A connector on the back of the light (although I am not quite sure what its exact purpose is).

P-1200R kit in a hard case. Source: CAME-TV

Price and Availability

CAME-TV offers multiple different sets of these lights:

  • One P-1200R unit with a carrying bag for $268
  • Two P-1200R units with carrying bags for $520
  • Two P-1200R units with V-lock batteries and a remote in a foam case for $688
  • Three P-1200R units with a remote in a foam case for $788
  • A complete kit made of: Three P-1200R units with V-lock batteries and a remote in a foam case for $999
Five different sets available. Source: CAME-TV

We will update the article as soon as we know more about the availability of the lights.

What do you think about these new CAME-TV Boltzen Perseus P-1200R lights? Which lights do you use now, when traveling with a compact lighting kit? Let us know in the comments beneath the article.

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