Godox Knowled MG2400Bi and LiteFlow Reflector System Introduced

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At IBC 2023, we had the pleasure of talking to Ramon from Godox about their upcoming Knowled MG2400Bi LED fixture. It features 2400 watts of output throughout the 2800-6500K color temperature range. Godox also introduced their G-mount for lighting accessories to be used with large fixtures like the MG2400. Also shown on the IBC show floor was the Godox LiteFlow reflector system, which allows users to shape light efficiently using mirrors, saving space and reducing the need for additional lights.

After introducing the MG1200Bi fixture last year, Godox showed off their latest MG2400Bi high-output COB light fixture at IBC 2023. The fixture can be powered normally using AC mains power, despite the strong 2400-watt output. Not so many details were exposed to us, but here is what we were able to learn from Ramon about the new product.

Knowled MG2400Bi COB Light

The MG2400Bi can output up to 2400 watts throughout the complete bi-color temperature range of 2800-6500 kelvin. The fixture has an IP54 rating for outdoor use, which will be the primary use for this light. Also, according to the company, the MG2400Bi features a TLCI of 97.

Godox Knowled MG2400Bi light fixture
Godox Knowled MG2400Bi light fixture. Image credit: CineD

G-mount for accessories

As a result of the size of the COB LED on the MG2400Bi, Godox created the G-mount for using accessories like spotlight attachments, fresnel attachments, reflectors, and softboxes.

Godox G-Mount smart connectors exposed
Connectors on the G-Mount for communication between the fixture and accessories. Image credit: CineD

The G-mount features a larger diameter than the more common Bowens mount because the COB needs more space for ventilation than the Bowens mount can provide.

Also present on the G-mount are electronic connectors, which allow communication between the light fixture and accessories. The G-mount can provide power and allows for fan control if a fixture, like a spotlight or a fresnel attachment, gets hot.

LiteFlow Reflectors

Godox also showed us a prototype of their new LiteFlow Reflector system, which uses mirrors to direct and shape light. This is a very efficient way to use fewer lights to achieve different styles of lighting, using very little space.

Godox Knowled LiteFlow reflectors on a light stand and the bag with reflectors in front of it
Godox Knowled LiteFlow reflector system with carry bag. Image credit: CineD

Products, such as the Lightbridge’s Diff 0 Cine Reflector have made this style of lighting very popular, and now Godox is offering their take on it.

Pricing and availability

The Godox Knowled MG2400Bi COB light will be available later this year. As the Godox Knowled LiteFlow is only in the prototype phase, there is no current planned release date just yet. Also, there is no information on pricing for either product at the time of writing this article.

You can find more information as it becomes available on the manufacturer’s website.

What’s your experience with Godox lights? Do you already use a 2400W COB light fixture from other brands? Is the Godox MG2400Bi the light you were looking forward to buying? Have you ever used a Cine Reflect Lighting System? Share your thoughts in the comments below!


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