FlowMotion ONEの出荷が延期 - Kickstarterに登録されたスマートフォンジンバル

FlowMotion ONEの出荷が延期 - Kickstarterに登録されたスマートフォンジンバル

FlowMotion ONEは、Kickstarterキャンペーンに登録された3軸電動スマートフォンスタビライザーだ。これは2016年の終わりにKickstarterで予定通り資金を調達した。その後技術的および財政的な問題のため同社は出荷を遅らせていたが、昨年Kickstarterで受け付けたユニットは出荷した。しかし現在、大量生産に関して金銭的な問題が発生し、予約注文されたジンバルの出荷はさらに遅れるようだ。

FlowMotion ONE smartphone stabilizer. Source: FlowMotion

FlowMotion ONEスマートフォンジンバルスタビライザーのKickstarterキャンペーンは、2016年末に行われた(記事はこちら)。 しかし出荷段階になり、予定通りに発送するのに問題が発生した。(記事はこちら

2019年5月にCEOのLars Flesland氏から、すべての顧客に下のような手紙が送られた。(原文)

Dear customer,

I personally want to follow up your FlowMotion ONE order, and the lack of updates you have received. We are truly disappointed over the continuous delays, and I apologize for not sending this email earlier.

In our last update, we said your FlowMotion ONE would have been shipped by now. Unfortunately, we have not been able to keep our promise — we need more time to ship your FlowMotion ONE.

Why is your order is delayed?

The mass production of FlowMotion ONE has been challenging/hard/complicated/complex/difficult/tough—and costly.

When we started this company, we were not prepared for the kind of volumes we have experienced. We have successfully shipped thousands of FlowMotion ONEs to all over the world, but we have made mistakes and faced many production issues along the way.

Although we have resolved all production issues, the delays and extra costs have caused temporary financial challenges.

To accommodate the financial situation, we are raising funds from new and existing investors. Investors are positive to the continued success of FlowMotion. However, we need more time to complete the fundraising process.

Due to this, we are unable to ship your product, nor pay out refunds, before August.

We sincerely apologize for the new delay. We know your experience has not been close to an acceptable standard, and for this, we are truly sorry.

This is a challenging situation for all of us. However, we have faced—and resolved—many challenges in the past, and we will resolve this as well.

We are working as hard as we can to ship your FlowMotion ONE as quickly as possible.
If you have any questions, please contact us here and we will get back to you as soon as possible.




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