Kyno Owner Lesspain Software Acquired by Signiant

Kyno Owner Lesspain Software Acquired by Signiant

Lesspain Software, the German maker of the Kyno media processing software, has been acquired by Signiant Inc., a leading SaaS software provider, to integrate their services with their offerings.

Kyno and CineD

Here at CineD, we love Kyno – it helps us day in and day out compressing our review content into manageable high-quality proxies that we send around the globe to our editors in Argentina and France, and it has truly helped us make remote editing a reality.

In case you missed it, please watch our workshop on how to organize the post-production workflow with Kyno.

A presentation by Lesspain founder Robert Krüger on our stage at Photo+Adventure 2019, when trade shows were still possible…

We met the guys behind Kyno, Robert Krüger and Thomas Meyer, many times at trade shows in the past (yes, in case you remember, there were times when it was possible to meet actual people in real life!) and loved giving them feedback on their progress with Kyno, adding our requests.

Lesspain Software acquired by Signiant, Inc.

We were happy to hear that we weren’t the only ones seeing the genius behind the powerful software, and last week Lesspain Software (the company behind Kyno) announced that they were acquired by Signiant Inc.

In case you haven’t heard about Signiant before, they are the maker of an SaaS platform (software as a service, where users essentially pay to have a dedicated software service run remotely in the cloud). Signiant runs a Software Defined Content Exchange (SDCX) SaaS platform, which gives companies access to their media assets remotely without having to deal with the complexities of storage type and location too much. Signiant says they have over 50,000 media and entertainment companies as customers and nearly one million users.

Of course that leaves a lot of room for integration of Kyno into their platform.

Knyo 1.8
image credit: Kyno (edited by CineD).

Customers are looking to Signiant to facilitate organizing, finding, and interacting with their media assets in various value-add ways. These capabilities require enrichment of our platform’s metadata and proxy framework, areas where the Lesspain team will contribute both skills and code.

Signiant CTO Ian Hamilton

Signiant says that core members of the Lesspain team will remain based in Germany, which makes me happy for them personally – I think this year of remote working has proven for many companies across the world that the benefits often outweigh the downsides of such ways of working inside a company.

What about Kyno and existing customers?

Kyno answers that question on their website, and worry about discontinuation of the software as a stand-alone seems to be unfounded: Kyno remains fully supported and will continue to receive support through their website. They will also continue to sell it through their website, although there are some changes to the End User License Agreement due to the ownership change of the company.

We’re happy for the Lesspain team for the move which surely will give them a lot of opportunity to grow their “software baby” into something much bigger than before. We are confident that Kyno will continue to exist as a stand-alone product in the future and only wish them the best – and we wish us, the users, a lot of new features in the process!

What do you think about the announcement? Are you a Kyno user or how are you dealing with your media processing workflow? Let us know in the comments below.


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