ZOOM F8n Pro Announced – 32 Bit 8 Channel Field Recorder 

ZOOM F8n Pro Announced – 32 Bit 8 Channel Field Recorder 

ZOOM Corp has announced their flagship F8n Pro, a 32-bit, 8-channel field recorder with dual AD converters. This is a serious upgrade to the original Zoom F8, which was released in 2015, and offers a lot of utility to a range of productions. Let’s take a closer look at what the ZOOM F8n Pro can do.

The ZOOM F8n Pro features 8 XLR inputs and is capable of recording up to 10 tracks (8 inputs + L/R) simultaneously in 32-bit, 192kHz in WAV format.

According to zoom, the combination of dual AD converter and 32-bit float recording enables audio recording without gain adjustment and without sound cracking.

Audio recorders that support 32-bit float recording have been slowly hitting the market over the past several years. ZOOM currently makes 3 other 32-bit recorders: the Zoom F2, F3, and F6.

Image credit: Zoom

Zoom F8N Pro features

  • Dual AD converter that achieves an overwhelming dynamic range
  • Supports 32bit float recording (16bit / 24bit can also be selected)
  • 8 channel input, maximum 10 tracks (8ch + L / R) simultaneous recording
  • Maximum 192kHz High-resolution recording in sampling / 32bit float WAV format
  • High-quality pre-amplifier with ultra-low noise floor design with maximum gain of 75dB and EIN -127dBu
  • Neutrik XLR / TRS combo input with 8 lock mechanisms
  • Microphone / line (+ 4dBu compatible) Input source switching is possible
  • High-precision time code with an error of 0.5 frames or less in 24 hours that realizes accurate synchronization with video
image credit: Zoom
  • Advanced limiter that pre-reads peaks and prevents overload
  • Multiple microphone inputs ZOOM auto mix function that automatically adjusts the level of
  • 3 power supplies: 8 AA batteries, external DC power supply, 12V AC adapter can be used
  • Independent track knob for each channel, 6-segment LED level meter, PFL / Solo switch
  • Equipped with two mini XLR (TA3) balanced main output and stereo mini specification sub output
  • Headphone jack with volume control (output 100mW)
  • 2.4 inch full color, backlit LCD (with monochrome mode)
  • Double SD card slot compatible with up to 1 TB SDXC
  • Built-in slate microphone / slate tone with switch
image credit: Zoom
  • 8 in / 4 out, USB audio interface function compatible with up to 96kHz / 32bit float
  • At the same time as recording to the built-in SD card, backup recording to a PC is possible with USB audio output
  • 360 ° spatial audio using a VR microphone Built-in Ambisonic mode that enables recording
  • Remote control from Android * / iOS application “F8 Control” via Bluetooth connection (* Android version is scheduled to be released later in March 2022)
  • Optional mixer type controller “F-Control” Physical fader operation is possible
  • Optional ZOOM microphone capsule can be connected (XAH-8, EXH-8, VRH-8 are not supported)


Sound Devices has several audio recorders that are in direct competition with the ZOOM F8n Pro. The Sound Devices MixPre-6 and MixPre-10 record in a similar 32bit float; however, Zoom is clearly positioning this product against the Sound Devices 833. And with all the features inside this recorder, they might give them a run for their money.

image credit: Sound Devices

The Sound Devices 833 currently sells for $5,250, and the Zoom F8n Pro will likely cost around 1/5 as much.

Price And Availability

The ZOOM F8n Pro is currently only available in Japan, and the global pricing information has yet to be released. The original F8 and F8n were priced at just under $1,000, so I would expect this update to be fairly close to that price.

Have you used Zoom recorders on your shoots? Let us know about your experiences in the comments below.


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