Bright Tangerine LeftField System for the RED KOMODO is now Shipping

Bright Tangerine LeftField System for the RED KOMODO is now Shipping

Bright Tangerine’s new LeftField System for RED KOMODO is a set of camera rigging attachments now shipping.

British manufacturer Bright Tangerine extended their LeftField system with sets for the RED KOMODO. These include top & side plates, cheeseplates, base plates, and more.

The top and side plates are equipped with NATO rails on every side, Bright Tangerine claims the built-in 3/8″-16 and 1/4″-20 threads are upgraded with helicoid fittings. These add strength and prevent thread stripping or binding. The top and side plates also offer QD (quick-detach) sockets for easy attachment of camera straps.

The baseplate comes with a Arri-style dovetail plate with Bright Tangerine’s Open•UP quick release. A quite clever and time-efficient way to release the camera from the setup, shown in this video:

DJI dovetail for quick gimbal setup

Additional to the standard dovetail, the new LeftField system has a baseplate option with a DJI dovetail on the top of the riser, enabling you to switch quickly from a static setup to a gimbal setup on a DJI Ronin RS series gimbal. This double dovetail design is quite nice, giving you more mounting options with the same system.

The Komodo mostly gets used with EF and PL glass, so the camera gets rarely used without an adapter or speedbooster. The LeftField system includes speedbooster support mounts, including support for Vocas, Kippertie, Metabones & Canon’s 0.71x speedbooster. Bright Tangerine claims that more supports may be available in the future once demand grows.

Metabones RF-PL support for the KOMODO LeftField system. Credit: Bright Tangerine

You can build up a LeftField system by buying all parts separately depending on your need or you can choose from three sets:

  • Essentials kit: Side & Top Plates, NATO Top Handle & Top Bar Bracket
  • Advanced kit: Side & Top Plates, NATO Top Handle & DJI compatible Komodo LeftField 15mm LWS Baseplate
  • Expert kit: Side & Top Plates, NATO Top Handle, Top Bar Bracket, LeftField 15mm LWS Baseplate (DJI) & a set of two 15mm (12″ length) Sterling Titanium Drumstix Rods

Note that none of the kits come with a speedbooster support, you have to buy it depending on your system.

Price and availability for KOMODO LeftField system

These sets come at a price, starting with the essentials kit at 489€ and going up to the expert kit for 1,222€ (but the shipping’s free ;) ). B&H & CVP sells a base kit with base plate, top and side plates for $837 and £620, respectively.
But Bright Tangerine claims:

No compromises have been taken in the design & production of the
LeftField System, resulting in a system that is fast, strong & light at the
same time. To begin with, every part of our LeftField Komodo System is
machined from single aluminium-alloy billets to create extremely rigid and
light weight components.

It’s quite clear that Bright Tangerine doesn’t want to “go cheap”, but wants to make their product as perfect and long-lasting as possible. And it works quite differently from existing KOMODO cages from Zacuto, Smallrig, and more.

You can find all the parts and more info on Bright Tangerine’s Website: Bright Tangerine

What do you think about such a system compared to already available cages? Let us know in the comments.

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