Sony Press Conference Event 2020 – Today April 30th

Sony Press Conference Event 2020 - Today April 30th

Sony’s Digital press event will be held today, April 30th, at 10:00 AM EDT and we will be streaming share their 9 pre-recorded videos that can be watched by clicking  here.

Sony Press Event 2020 – Image credit: Sony

The cancelation of NAB 2020 led some of the leading companies in our industry to find creative ways to share their news, namely, live streaming. Canon exercised this kind of virtual communication earlier this month by successfully announcing their new C300 Mark III (alongside sharing additional information about their much anticipated EOS R5), but today it is Sony’s day. We are all curious to see what will be introduced but we think it is also important to align expectations. Don’t forget that traditionally NAB is a show aimed for broadcasters, and as such, professional tools are usually being at the center of spotlights.

Nino took the opportunity to talk to Sebastian Laske from Sony and hear more about the FX9 and VENICE 6.0 firmware updates:

You can also watch Sony’s videos by clicking the links below:

  • Enhancing Creative Freedom in Cinematography (Link here)
  • Introducing our Powering Creativity Technology Video Series (Link here)
  • New Developments in ‘SR Live’ for HDR Live Productions: (Link here)
  • The Next Paradigm Shift in IP: Virtualization & Orchestration: (Link here)
  • Transforming Production Operations with the Cloud: (Link here)
  • AI Technologies for Media Enrichment: (Link here)
  • Transforming Broadcast Workflows: (Link here)
  • Imaging for Sports and Entertainment: (Link here)
  • Powering Creativity Product & Solution Highlights (Link here)


Oh, and speaking of which, our cinema5D Virtual Show is doing VERY WELL. I hope you guys had some time to catch up with the latest information we bring you with lots of love and dedication!

Here is a list of VIRTUAL SHOW videos we have released so far:

  • New Insta360 8K Live Streaming Software Used for 5G VR Live Stream of NFL (Link here)
  • STABILENS Makes Rebalancing Your Gimbal Super Fast (Link here)
  • iFootage Launches SpiderCrab Quick-Release Magic Arms (Link here)
  • SWIT CURVE500 HDMI-Only Wireless System Announced (Link here)
  • Edelkrone JibONE and HeadPLUS – First Look – Compact Motion Control Jib & slider (Link here)
  • NANLITE PavoTube II 6C Announced – Full RGBWW Battery Powered (Link here)
  • Canon Announces 25-250mm 10x CINE-SERVO Lens and Firmware Updates (Link here)
  • Canon EOS C300 Mark III – New Super35 DGO Sensor, Up To 4K 120fps in Cinema RAW Light (Link here)
  • Canon C300 Mark III – First Look Review & Impressions – Footage (Link here)
  • Redrock Micro Digiboom Update – Sport and Tripod Mode Added (Link here)
  • Kinefinity MAVO Edge Announced – 75fps 8K For Under $12,000 Link here)
  • iFootage Seastars Quick-Release System – First Look (Link here)
  • DJI Mavic Air 2 Review & First Look – 4K 60p, 1080p 240fps (Link here)
  • Interview with Documentary DOP Ben Sherlock (Link here)
  • Lockdown Writing Tips with Writer and Director Morgan Dameron (Link here)

What are your expectations from Sony’s Press Event 2020? Please share with us your thoughts in the comment section below. 


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