Future Moments Releases Mobile Audio Production Apps for macOS

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Future Moments Releases Mobile Audio Production Apps for macOS

With the release of the M1 chips on Apple’s new lineup of computers and laptops, the app world seems to perfectly blur the line between mobile and desktop. A company comprised of musicians and engineers didn’t want to wait any longer. This week, Future Moments released their mobile audio production apps for macOS. Let’s see what these literal rockstars and electrotechnical engineers have cooked up for us creatives.

Founded in 2015, Future Moments creates iOS/Android (and now desktop) apps for musicians, filmmakers, podcasters, and voiceover artists. Whatever audio-oriented content you need a tool for, they probably have it. But today, Future Moments is offering three of their mobile apps for macOS on M1-based Macs. And the best part, all this for FREE – as long as you already have the mobile version. MicSwap Multitrack, AudioMaster, and VideoVerb Pro for iOS are now also available to Mac OS users at no additional cost and will automatically be available for download via the App Store. Content creators who rely on mobile devices as part of their workflow, as well as desktop post-production, will find this a welcome addition to their toolkit.

MicSwap MultiTrack

MicSwap MultiTrack is a multitrack recording studio you can use on your phone. And now on your desktop apparently. It enables musicians, podcasters, voiceover artists, YouTubers, and filmmakers to record audio onto separate tracks. Additionally, different microphone models can be added to each track, as well as pan, reverb, and delay. This adds better separation between instruments or voices and ensures a great mix. Here’s a tidy list of all the features:

  • Ability to use standalone. Or with an external mic or interface
  • Record using 20 different microphones models for different sounds
  • Gain adjustment on any microphone
  • Pan or change the volume of each track
  • Add reverb or delay to each track
  • Enable/disable live monitoring
  • AudioCopy enabled
  • Record in WAV or M4A
  • Price: $19.99 via the Apple App Store

Users can also mix down projects in the app and send them directly to AudioMaster for instant mastering. What is AudioMaster? I’m so glad you asked. Let me explain.

Mic swap features. Image Credit: Future Moments


Available on iOS and macOS, AudioMaster provides non-destructive audio mastering for content creators! Any imported audio track can be enhanced with built-in presets or a 6-band equalizer. Users can then export their audio and/or video in whatever size they wish. While it probably won’t mix your next studio album, these are some amazing features to have at the tips of your fingers, on top of being able to transfer projects between your iPhone and Mac. Here’s another tidy list for those on the go:

  • An audio algorithm automatically adjusts levels to provide general sweetening of audio mixes
  • Add reverb or delay
  • Fully adjustable 6-Band Equalizer
  • Ability to adjust the Frequency, Gain and Q to exact numbers
  • Mute audio
  • Ability to save as WAV or M4A
  • Audiobus, IAA and AUv3 compatible
  • EQ Module Bypass feature
  • Non-destructive
  • Price: $19.99 via Apple App Store (a free trial is available)
AudioMaster Features. Image Credit: Future Moments

VideoVerb Pro

The final app in this Future Moments release is VideoVerb Pro. Straight to the point: VideoVerb enables instant high fidelity reverb and delay effects to videos. The UI is simple and clean, allowing creators a no-nonsense approach to import video from any source and choose from a library of presets. Custom reverb creations are also available for those with perfect pitch who need the levels just right. And one final tidy list:

Future Moments - VideoVerb Features
VideoVerb Features. Image Credit: Future Moments

Million Dollar Question

Do you need these apps? You know what, you probably do. The apps themselves offer some unique tools directly on your smartphone. With the release of the iPhone 13 Pro and its professional-grade codec (a little later), it’ll be amazing to have these options available to you. On top of that, all of these apps are then integrated into your M1 Mac, if you have one that is. For under $60 dollars, these tools are a steal.

What do you think about these apps? Have you used them? Would you like to see an in-depth review? Let us know in the comments!

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