High-End Prime Lenses – Cine & Photographic

Nothing is more cinematic than a high-end, cine prime lens with a 6 figure price tag. Well, you won’t find it here – no one would buy such a thing, you would only rent it if you needed it. Period. But there are high-end prime lenses that you can actually buy for a more or less reasonable amount of cash.

These are exactly the lenses listed here: excellent cine prime lenses, but with the owner/operator in mind. All the optical tricks you would expect, such as virtually no focus breathing, no color fringing, no vignetting, excellent corner sharpness, and so on.

A couple of these and you’re good to go for almost any job. Prime lenses are still the first choice for most of the more demanding applications because they don’t make the compromises that zooms often have to deal with. Prime lenses are often lighter, smaller, and therefore better suited for gimbal work, for example.

Take a look around, there is a high-end lens for everyone!