Sony Venice Firmware 6.0 – Added Framerates and Features

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Sony Venice Firmware 6.0 - Added Framerates and Features

Sony VENICE Firmware 6.0 is now available for download, it includes newly introduced frame rates and various other features.

The new added framerate options span all software licenses, see table below:

HFR capabilities

  • 5.7K 16:9 max. 72fps
  • 4K 6:5 max. 72fps
  • 3.8K 16:9 max. 110fps
c/o Sony Cine. Support for FUJINON Premista series ZEISS eXtended Data

New Metadata functions

Few features added in shooting functions relating to metadata:

  • Gyro information in metadata
  • Support FUJINON Premista series ZEISS eXtended Data
c/o Sony Cine. 3D LUT support for VF

New Monitor Out functions

  • 3D LUT adaptation to Viewfinder
  • New ART (Advanced Rendering Transform) file import
  • SDI 1-4 3G-SDI Level A/B switchable
c/o Sony Cine. New Frameline Options in Firmware 6.0

New shooting assist functions

Shooting assist functions including social frame lines:

  • Second user frame line
  • 9:16 and 1:1 preset frame line
  • REC beep and alarm volume can be adjusted individually
  • Maintain CamID+Reel# when loading ALL File
  • Display Genlock and TC lock status on OSD
  • De-squeeze on/off by USER button
  • RCP Call function 

Sony VENICE firmware 6.0 will role out on the official Sony Venice website on the 15th December, however you can download it now on the Sony Cine blog.

Support info and release notes also found on same link, including an important note that firmware must be on v4.0 or later to accept firmware 6.0.

c/o Sony Cine. Technicolor Venice Look Library

Also on said date is mention of initial release of the TECHNICOLOR look library for VENICE utilizing ART (Advanced Rendering Transform) technology.

This is a free LUT library initially compromised of 5 looks surrounding film print emulation (with rec 709 target display).

Have you ever shot with the VENICE? Are you looking forward to the new functions in the firmware update? Let us know in the comments below.

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