Best Cameras – under $1,000

If you’re starting out in filmmaking, you’ll need a camera of some sort. It’s the heart of your kit and perhaps the most important, but certainly not the only thing you’ll need.

However, you have to start somewhere, right? So here’s a list of decent, yet affordable cameras that you can potentially start your filmmaking journey with. Each camera in this list has been chosen for a reason: Good value, reliability, handling, image quality, and so on.

Sometimes it’s a good starting point, but already with an upgrade path in mind. Things like the lens mount matter (if the camera doesn’t have a fixed lens, of course). Even action cams can be found here, as they usually offer some nice features as well.

This list is not exhaustive, of course; it’s meant as a starting point for first-time filmmakers, but also as a resource for affordable yet very capable cameras that won’t break the bank.