Sony FX9 Firmware 2.0 Update Released a Month Earlier Than Expected

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Sony FX9 Firmware 2.0 Update Released a Month Earlier Than Expected

The Sony FX9 firmware update version 2.0 was been released roughly one month ahead of Sony’s initial plan. The update will equip the camera with new 5K crop frame rates to record 4K 50/60p internally and a FHD 180fps mode. The FX9 will also get Eye AF, 4K 16-bit RAW output (with the extension unit), touchscreen support for the display, User 3D LUTs, and more.

Firmware update 2.0 for the Sony FX9 camera was announced in April 2020. Back then, Sony said the update will be available in October 2020. (Although originally, when the camera was released last year, Sony said that functionality would be available during summer 2020.) However surprisingly, the free firmware update 2.0 was already made available for download.

Let’s summarize the improvements.

Sony FX9 Firmware Version 2.0 Update

Sony prepared an overview of all the new Sony FX9 functions of the firmware 2.0 which can be found on Youtube. The list of added functions is quite long. This is undoubtedly a very useful firmware update for the FX9. Let’s take a look at what’s new.

New Frame Rates and Resolutions

As promised, Sony added new internal frame rates and resolutions to the FX9. There is now a “full-frame” 4K 60p/50p recording with oversampling (image sensor scan size is around 5K, so it is not really a full-frame mode – there is a slight crop).

FFcrop 5K Oversampling Mode for 4K. Source: Sony

DCI 4K (4096x2160px, 17:9) recording is now enabled (in both full-frame and Super35) for 60,50,30,25, and 24p. Furthermore, there is now a Full HD 180fps shooting mode.

New 4K DCI Modes. Source: Sony

FX9 Firmware 2.0: RAW Output and Digital Wireless Audio

On top of new internal recording modes, firmware 2.0 also unlocks the 16-bit RAW output option. Please note that this only works with the XDCA-FX9 extension unit mounted. The extension unit is quite an investment as it currently retails for $2,498 and it also obviously adds weight and bulk to the camera.

16-bit RAW Output. Source: Sony
16-bit RAW Output. Source: Sony

Along with the RAW output, the XDCA-FX9 unit will also enable support for DWX slot-in digital wireless audio receiver.

Autofocus and Touchscreen

Face detection autofocus has been a very strong feature of the FX9 from its release and it got further enhanced with the new firmware update. The Eye-AF capability has been added to complement the face detection AF.

FX9 Firmware 2.0 – Eye AF. Source: Sony
Touch Screen for AF Area with the 2.0 Firmware on the FX9. Source: Sony
FX9 Firmware 2.0 – Assignable Function for Detailed Focus Setting. Source: Sony

Thanks to the touchscreen operation, which has finally been added with the new firmware, the focus area can be selected by tapping the camera’s screen. Menus and various other camera settings (Main Status and Camera Status menu) can also be operated by touching the screen directly.

FX9 Firmware 2.0 – Touch Screen. Source: Sony

Extended ISO Range, 3D LUTs, HDR

Sony has now increased the upper limit of ISO/Gain setting. High Base ISO is now available up to 102,400 (previously, the limit was 12,800). Low Base ISO is available up to 12,800 (previous limit was 2,500).

FX9 Firmware 2.0 – Extended ISO. Source: Sony
FX9 Firmware 2.0 – User 3D LUTs. Source: Sony

The new firmware also enables users to add custom 3D LUTs. HDR shooting function with HLG (Hybrid Log Gamma) curve has also been added.

FX9 Firmware 2.0 – HLG HDR Mode. Source: Sony

Support for 6G-SDI

To complement the 12G-SDI output (4K 59.94/50p) which was available at launch, Sony FX9 now adds 6G-SDI support which adds 4K 30/23.98p output via a single SDI cable.

Support for XLR-K3M

The camera now supports Sony XLR-K3M audio adapter via the Multi-Interface (MI) shoe with digital I/F.

Free of Charge, Available Now

The Sony FX9 firmware 2.0 can be downloaded free of charge on the Sony Pro website. Sony also informed us about some new webinars which focus on the company’s cinema cameras. If you are interested, you can check them out here.

FX9 Lab Test Will be Updated

We recently published our dynamic range and rolling shutter tests as part of our Sony FX9 Lab Test. This test was still conducted with firmware 1.0 and will therefore be re-done with firmware 2.0. We will share an update when it is ready.

Do you use the Sony FX9 for your work? What do you think about the new Sony FX9 firmware 2.0? Which new feature do you like the most? Let us know in the comments section underneath the article.


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