Mirrorless Camera of the Year 2022 & Other Camera Candidates

It’s time to look at all the candidates of our camera of the year 2022 in a Gear Guide, and of course the winner – the FUJIFILM X-H2.

2022 is slowly coming to an end; a year in which manufacturers tried hard to recover from the implications of the pandemic, just to deal with setbacks: the shortage of components, skyrocketing freight transportation fees, and growing inflation rates. Top that with the ongoing and tough competition, and there you have it – a challenging year that is ending with hope the next one will be better (isn’t that always the case… :).

Filmmaking equipment continues to be relatively affordable and the quality these mirrorless cameras produce does not cease to amaze us. There is one clear direction the camera industry took this year: including ProRes, a high-quality recording codec for internal camera recording. While Nikon, Panasonic, and FUJIFILM are already doing so, Sony and Canon offer their own flavor of quality internal recording codecs.

These Japanese camera manufacturers all brought innovations to the market, which are great to use, but none of them came up with a real ground-breaking, must-have feature, that would have made users jump sides (of course, I am generalizing here). 

If you ask us, there is still much room to improve and come up with new things in this field, and we hope to see such innovative features being explored during this upcoming year.

Example video shot on the FUJIFILM X-H2

Camera of the Year 2022: FUJIFILM X-H2

And this brings us to the FUJIFILM X-H2, our camera of the year 2022!

With up to 8K ProRes HQ internal recording and a 40.2MP sensor, this camera is aimed to satisfy the needs of serious content creators. This camera is extremely flexible when it comes to recording formats and resolutions, promising to assist you when negotiating with clients about their final output needs. When it comes to value for money, it is one of the best out there.

So to summarize: This FUJIFILM X-H2 has become an all-rounder for us at CineD. It’s like having a “Swiss Army Knife” at our disposal. Yes, there is much room for functionality improvements via firmware updates, but all in all, FUJIFILM have now positioned themselves at the frontline when it comes to making tools for filmmakers and the X-H2 in particular, deserves high praise, and our award.

Well done, FUJIFILM and congratulations!

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