cinema5D Virtual Show LIVE Talks Day 2 – Panasonic S1H RAW, Phil Holland, Alister Chapman, Christoph Tilley

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Day 1 of our live streams, which focused mostly on the Canon Announcements, is over and was a big success with thousands of stream viewers on Youtube and Facebook. Now it’s time for day 2, and we have great stuff in store!

Today’s LIVE Stream Schedule, starting at 12pm EDT / 6pm CEST / 5pm BST:

  • Dan Chung (Atomos) and Krzysztof Sieniawski (Cinematographer) on the Panasonic S1H RAW Update with the Atomos Ninja V – about the launch film “Blind Love”
  • Quick Update of our “Bored @ Home” Competition – still open for submissions for over a week!
  • Phil Holland (Cinematographer): Stealing content from creators on the internet – is copyright infringement becoming a rampant problem?
  • Christoph Tilley (Cinematographer) – Investing Through the Crisis – Buying a Bolt Robot
  • Alister Chapman (Filmmaker) – The State of the Industry – And possible lifelines for filmmakers in crisis

Here is a list of VIRTUAL SHOW videos we have released so far:

  • New Insta360 8K Live Streaming Software Used for 5G VR Live Stream of NFL (Link here)
  • STABILENS Makes Rebalancing Your Gimbal Super Fast (Link here)
  • iFootage Launches SpiderCrab Quick-Release Magic Arms (Link here)
  • SWIT CURVE500 HDMI-Only Wireless System Announced (Link here)
  • Edelkrone JibONE and HeadPLUS – First Look – Compact Motion Control Jib & slider (Link here)
  • NANLITE PavoTube II 6C Announced – Full RGBWW Battery Powered (Link here)
  • Canon Announces 25-250mm 10x CINE-SERVO Lens and Firmware Updates (Link here)
  • Canon EOS C300 Mark III – New Super35 DGO Sensor, Up To 4K 120fps in Cinema RAW Light (Link here)
  • Canon C300 Mark III – First Look Review & Impressions – Footage (Link here)
  • Redrock Micro Digiboom Update – Sport and Tripod Mode Added (Link here)
  • Edelkrone Controller – Control Your Edelkrone Products Wirelessly (Link here)
  • Kinefinity MAVO Edge Announced – 75fps 8K For Under $12,000 Link here)
  • Sony FX9 and VENICE Full Frame Cameras new Firmware Announced (Link here)
  • iFootage Seastars Quick-Release System – First Look (Link here)
  • Aputure Sidus Link 1.2 App – Major Update Available Soon (Link here)
  • DJI Mavic Air 2 Review & First Look – 4K 60p, 1080p 240fps (Link here)
  • Interview with Documentary DOP Ben Sherlock (Link here)
  • Lockdown Writing Tips with Writer and Director Morgan Dameron (Link here)
  • Zacuto ACT Recoil Rig – Interview with Steve Weiss (Link here)
  • Lindsey Optics Large Format Director’s Viewfinder – Interview with Dwight Lindsey (Link here)
  • MZed – Online Education for Filmmakers – A Talk with Owner Scott Emerton (Link here)
  • Vitec Imaging Solutions CEO Marco Pezzana on Company & Phase of Industry (Link here)
  • Aputure Light Storm LS 60d and LS 60x LED Lights Introduced (Link here)
  • SWIT SL-100P Waterproof Flexible Bi-Color LED Light Announced (Link here)
  • Kondor Blue Panasonic Lumix S1H Cage Announced (Link here)
  • Core SWX NEO 150 Mini Battery Packs and GP-X2 Mini Chargers Introduced (Link here)
  • Grow Your Youtube Audience – Interview with Filmmaker Kyle Hill (Link here)
  • Wooden Camera ARRI LPL Mount Adapters, Vertical Mounting Kits, and Bridgeplates Introduced (Link here)
  • “I’m Back 35“ Updates – Interview with the Creators (Link here)
  • – Simplifying Color Grading with Goran Ljubuncic (Link here)
  • Atomos Announces 12bit Apple ProRes RAW for Support Z CAM E2 Camera (Link here)
  • Aputure 600D Updates Plus Nova Pricing and Availability (Link here)
  • DPReview Senior Editor Barney Britton on Phase of Industry (Link Here)
  • Frame IO v3.6 – interview with CEO Emery Wells (Link here)
  • CAME TV Boltzen Q-55S Mini Bi-Color Fresnel LED Introduced (Link here)
  • K-Tek Announces KP6 KlassicPro Traveler Boom Pole and XLR Cables (Link here)
  • Hollyland Cosmo M7 7″ High-Brightness Wireless Monitor Introduced (Link here)
  • Cartoni Red Lock Tripod System – First Look & Interview (Link here)
  • BB&S Compact Beamlight Bi-Color Announced (Link here)
  • Kinotehnik LCDVF BM5 for the Pocket 4K & 6K and the LCDVF Success Story (Link here)
  • SIGMA fp Camera – Webcam Mode for Live Streaming (Link here)
  • Quasar Science LED RGBX Tube Lamps Introduced (Link here)
  • What Exactly Does a Key Grip do on Set? – An Interview with Jake Reeder (Link here)
  • Hollyland MARS X Introduced – Wireless Video Transmission to 3 Smartphones Simultaneously (Link here)
  • Cooke Lenses – Interview About new Lenses and Cooke Look (Link here)
  • Battery Mag – Affordable Camera Batteries Holders (Link here)
  • Redrock Micro Eclipse for Robots Focus Iris Zoom System (Link here)

We would love having you guys we us! Please tune in. 

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